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The Mellow Moods of Jazz

The Moods of jazz are as many and varied as the moods of love for, like love, jazz is based on an involvement of the emotions. lt is marked by storms and calms and all the way stations in between. Some of its most inspired — and inspiring — moments occur in that relaxed area which has been aptly described in the title of this set as “the mellow moods of jazz”.
The ingredients are some of the most melodically lovely but relatively neglected tunes on the roster of popular music, arranged by three men who know all about soft lights and sweet music as well as jazz, and played by a galaxy of the more mellow fellows in present-day jazz. A word of warning about this particular type of mellowness might be in order. Too often these days, a mellow mood has meant the smothering of a tune by a thousand violins seemingly playing through strings coated with melted cheese. But not here. On these selections, the “jazz” element is given as much recognition as the mellowness. The instrumentation is that of a jazz group — no violins. The beat is that of a jazz group — present, alive, finger-snapping. The approach is that of the jazz musician — creative, inventive, searching for the newly suitable instead of the tired and safe. The frameworks for this special type of mellowness have been provided by three unusually gifted arrangers; Ralph Burns (Why Shouldn’t I ? ; Pastel Blue ; Moments Like This ; Everything's Been Done Before), who wrote the memorably mellow Early Autumn for Woody Herman and lately has had great success in writing unhackneyed settings for singers ; George Siravo (What D0 You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For ? ; What's New ; Easy Now ; Let's Take the Long Way Home), a quondam jazzman who has found this knowledge useful in giving singers — Frank Sinatra, for one — the kind of stimulating accompaniment which brings out all their poten- tial; and Bill Stegmeyer (Robins and Roses ; I'll Be a Friend with Pleasure ; Keepin’ Out of Mischief Now ; Morning Glory), a top jazz clarinetist who has written for numerous big bands since 1942, including that of his Transylvania College roommate, Billy Butterfield...
John S. Wilson, from the booklet

Various Artists
The Mellow Moods of Jazz


1 Robins and Roses (Leslie, Burke)  2:40
2 Why Shouldn't I ? (Porter)  3:18
3 What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For ? (McCarthy, Johnson, Monaco)  3:15
4 Pastel Blue (Shaw, Shavers, Raye)  3:22
5 Moments Like This (Loesser, Lane)  2:44
6 I'll Be A Freind With Pleasure (Pinkard)  3:27
7 Keepin' Out of Mischief Now (Waller)  2:52
8 What's New ? (Haggart, Burke)  3:32
9 Morning Glory (Ellington)  3:07
10 Easy Now (Velona)  4:07
11 Let's Take the Long Way Home (Mercer, Arlen)  2:36
12 Everything's Been Done Before (Adamson, Knopf, King)  3:04


[# 2, 4, 5 & 12]
Billy Butterfield - tp
Urbie Green & Lou McGarity - tb
Hal McKusick - as
Barry Galbraith - g
Moe Weschler - p
Milt Hinton - b
Osie Johnson -dr
[# 1, 6, 7 & 9]
Lee Castle & Billy Butterfield - tp
Lou McGarity - tb
Peanuts Hucko - cl
Art Ryerson - g
Lou Stein - p
Bob Haggart - b
Cliff Leeman - dr
[# 3, 8, 10 & 11]
Will Bradley - tb
Tony Scott - cl
Peanuts Hucko - ts
Ernie Caceres - bs
Barry Galbraith - g
Buddy Weed - p
Bob Haggart - b
Cliff Leeman - dr

Recorded in New York City ; 1956


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deGallo said...

I just realized your blog is not private. I was searching for the correct order of the songs on this post and your blog is readily available to anyone. I just typed in Mellow Moods Of Jazz and your site came up. You may want to think about going private to avoid being taken down for copyright problems.

Anyway thank you for the post but I think this is the correct order of the tracks....

01 Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now - Lou McGarity
02 What's New - Peanuts Hucko
03 Morning Glory - Lee Castle
04 Easy Now - Barry Galbraith
05 Let's Take The Long Way Home - Tony Scott
06 Everything's Been Done Before - Billy Butterfield
07 Robins And Roses - Peanuts Hucko
08 Why Shouldn't I - Billy Butterfield & Urbie Green
09 What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For - Ernie Caceres
10 Pastel Blue - Lou McGarity & Urbie Green
11 Moments Like This - Hal McKusick
12 I'll Be A Friend With Pleasure - Billy Butterfield

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