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Kenny Burrell - The Tender Gender

Straight, strong, and soulful sounds from guitarist Kenny Burrell — quite possibly one of his best albums of the 60s, thanks to a really well-focused sound throughout ! The groove here is nice and tight — a cooking little rhythm section that features Richard Wyands on piano, Martin Rivera on bass, and Oliver Jackson on drums — snapping away on the kit on some of the best tracks, and really helping Burrell to hit this groove that's mighty nice! Kenny seems to have a bit more bite than usual too — and even the laidback tunes have plenty going on to keep our ears happy.
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Kenny Burrell
The Tender Gender


1 Mother-In-Law (Burrell)  4:42
2 Hot Bossa (Burrell)  4:40
3 People (Merrill, Styne)  2:43
4 Isabella (Burrell)  5:1
5 Gilrl Talk (Hefti, Troup)  3:10
6 Suzy (Burrell)  4:46
7 The Tender Gender (Burrell)  4:59
8 La Petite Mambo (Garner)  3:41
9 If Someone Had Told Me (DeRose, Tobias)  3:18
10 I'm Confessin' (Dogherty, Reynolds, Neiburg)  3:58


Kenny Burrell - g
Richard Wyands - p
Martin Rivera - b
Oliver Jackson - dr

Recorded at RCA Recording Studios, New York City ; April, 1966


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