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Bernard Peiffer voit la Vie en Rose

Bernard Peiffer was a popular pianist on the French jazz scene throughout a good part of the 1950s. This compilation collects a series of sessions (including both solo and trio dates) recorded in 1952 and 1953. Peiffer's approach to the piano is obviously influenced by Erroll Garner to a certain extent, especially on standards like "Jeepers Creepers" and "Lady Be Good." But he's also a compelling bop pianist, offering an impressive performance of Charlie Parker's "Steeplechase." His inventive approach to "Caravan" (heard in two separate takes) incorporates a dramatic shift in the bassline, adding a bit of stride piano in spots. Peiffer shows off his classical background in his dramatic showpiece "Toccata" (which was influenced in part by Johann Sebastian Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor), though this is very much a jazz piece. None of these titles have previously been issued outside of France, so this "Jazz in Paris" series reissue is a treasure awaiting discovery by jazz fans everywhere.
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Bernard Peiffer
La Vie en Rose


1 La Vie en Rose (Piaf, Louihuy)  2:29
2 Ballad in Paris (Peiffer ?)  3:19
3 Jeepers Creepers (Mercer, Warren)  3:35
4 Hit That Jive Jack (Alston, Tolbert)  2:55
5 Oh Lady, Be Good (Gershwin, Gershwin)  2:30
6 Jalousie (Bloom, gade)  2:56
7 Don't Blame Me (Fields, McHugh)  2:43
8 Sometimes I'm Happy (Caesar, Youmans)  2:57
9 Jingles Bells (Pierpont)  2:33
10 Tired Blues (Peiffer)  2:39
11 Almost Like Being in Love (Lerner, Loewe)  3:22
12 Steeplechase (Parker)  2:49
13 Liza (Gershwin, Kahn)  2:52
14 Yesterdays (Harbach, Kahn)  3:08
15 Midday on on the Camps Elysées (Rocherolle)  2:49
16 Slow Burn (Peiffer ?)  2:55
17 Caravan (Mills, Tizol, Ellington)  3:10
18 Caravan [alternate] (Mills, Tizol, Ellington)  3:03
19 Jalousie [alternate] (Bloom, Gade)  3:07
20 Toccata (Peiffer)  4:18
21 Prélude (Peiffer)  4:25


[# 19-20]
Bernard Peiffer - p
Recorded Paris ; March 3, 1952
[# 6, 17 & 18]
Bernard Peiffer - p
Recorded Paris ; March 12, 1952
[# 1-4 & 10]
Bernard Peiffer - p
Pierre Michelot - b
Jean-Louis Viale - dr
Recorded Paris ; March 31, 1952
[# 5, 7, 8 & 12]
Bernard Peiffer - p
Joe Benjamin - b
Bill Clark - dr
Recorded Paris ; April 4, 1952
[# 16]
Bernard Peiffer - p
Pierre Michelot - b
Jean-Louis Viale - dr
Recorded Paris ; December 20, 1952
[# 9, 11, 13-15]
Same as above
Recorded Paris ; March 23, 1953

Reissue of the Blue Star discs
10" LP's 6808 [# 1-8] & 6829 [# 9-16], 78rpm 260 [#17] & 45rpm 8003 [# 20-21].
[# 18-19] are previously unreleased


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Bernard Peiffer, Piano A La Mood, The Pied Peiffer Of The Piano, The Astounding Bernard Peiffer -- all on Decca/Brunswick, I think.

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