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The Great Chico Hamilton featuring Paul Horn

An obscure release by Chico Hamilton – but with some really great moments that more than rival his famous sides for Pacific Jazz in the 50s ! The set was issued on the obscure Crown label, and is a bit short on notes but side one features work by Chico's early trio a cool group with either Howard Roberts or Jim Hall on guitar, and George Duvivier on bass – really sounding open and airy, yet swinging too on titles that include "Nutty", "Skinned Strings", "Street Of Drums", and "Blues On The Rocks" played by a group that seems to feature bass, drums, and guitar. Even better, though, is side two, which features the more complicated "Suite For Horn" a long piece built around the flute work of Paul Horn presented here with a shorter track called "Montuna", which is mostly just heavy percussion, bass, and very noisy cello from Fred Katz !
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The Great
Chico Hamilton
Paul Horn


1 Blues On The Rocks (Duvivier)  3:07
2 Street Of Drums (Hamilton)  3:18
3 Skinned Strings (Duvivier, Hamilton)  5:14
4 Nutty (Cheatmann)  2:31
5 Montuna (Katz)  4:40
Suite For Horn (Katz)
6 a. Allegro  5:27
7 b. Zen   4:48
8 c. Science Fiction  3:17


[# 1 & 3]
Jim Hall - g
George Duvivier - b
Chico Hamilton - dr
Recorded Music Box Theatre, Hollywood, February 8, 1956.
[# 2 & 4]
Howard Roberts - g
Geoge Duvivier - b
Chico Hamilton - dr
Recorded Sound Stage Studio, Hollywood, December 6, 1953
[# 5-8]
Fred Katz - cel
Paul Horn - as, fl & cl
John Pisano - g
Carson Smith - b
Chico Hamilton - dr
Joe Howard, Herbie Harper, Dick Noel - tb [# 6 & 8]
Willy Schwartz - cl [# 6 & 8]
Harry Klee - fl [# 6 & 8]
Marty Berman - bssn [# 6 & 8]
Julie Jacobs - ob [# 6 & 8]
Recorded in Los Angeles ; March 1957


Pet said...

1 & 3 are from "Chico Hamilton Trio" (-53), 2 & 4 are bonus recordings from the 1956 12" "re-release" of the album (yes it's strange to think that in those days artists actually recorded new tracks for reissues of their old albums... well at least in some cases the newbies were also released as separate EPs, but not always).
5-8 are from Fred Katz's "Zen" album (-57).

headman said...

I don't know where you find them, Mel, but this one's another beauty! Many thanks for sharing it.

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As you sat, Pet, tracks 1 to 4 are available on other Chico albums; but I haven't got "Zen"; so many thanks for this mel...

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Chico always knows how to choice his sidemen, particularly guitar players : here Hall, Roberts and Pisano, .... after Szabo on your "El Chico & Futher Adventures" post. Amazing trios and little Big Band laboratory work. Many thanks.

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