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The Compositions of Bobby Scott

Really wonderful work from pianist Bobby Scott a perfect showcase not just for his young talents as a composer and arranger, but also for a host of key solo performers as well ! This full album brings together two previous 10" LP sessions both of them brilliant, and graced by some of the most modern talents Bethlehem Records had to offer which makes for extremely fresh sounds from Scott's wonderful music jazz that's at a level that's really hard to peg neither west coast cool, nor east coast arranged but a really special space of its own ! Even when tunes are short, they're full of feeling and really make tremendous use of the individual players who include Hal McKusick on alto, Eddie Bert on trombone, and Ronnie Woellmer on the first session and the amazing Charlie Mariano on alto for the second, sounding incredible here alongside Conte Candoli on trumpet, Bill Holman on tenor, Jimmy Giuffre on baritone, and Frank Rosolino on trombone...
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Bobby Scott
The Compositions of Bobby Scott


1 Dot (Garcia)  3:38
2 Kwan Youen (Scott)  2:57
3 Moon Tan (Scott)  3:49
4 Betty (Scott)  4:16
5 Aunt Sarah (Scott)  4:10
6 Cerebellum (Scott)  4:09
7 Wigwam (Scott)  2:19
8 The Creed (Scott)  4:03
9 Table Cloth Stomp (Scott)  2:58
10 A Parable (Scott)  2:59
11 The Wig (Scott)  2:35
12 Count Bill (Scott)  2:45
13 Makin' Whoopee (Kahn, Donaldson)  4:36


[# 1, 3-5] Bobby Scott Septet
Ronnie Woellner - tp
Eddie Bert - tb
Hal McKusick - as
Al Apstein - bs
Bobby Scott - p
Milt Hinton - b
Osie Johnson - dr
Recorded in New York ; November 1954
[# 2, 6-12] Bobby Scott Octet
Conte Candoli - tp [# 2, 7-9 & 11]
Frank Rosolino - tb [# 2, 7-9 & 11]
Charlie Mariano - as [# 2, 7-9 & 11]
Bill Holman - ts [# 2, 7-9 & 11]
Jimmy Giuffre - bs [# 2, 7-9 & 11]
Bobby Scott - p
Max Bennett - b [# 2, 7-9 & 11]
Stan Levey - dr [# 2, 7-9 & 11]
Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; January 23, 1955


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Just a little bit of discographical correction:
The Septet has Al Epstein on bs.
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The piano seems to be absent on most of the tracks.
The Septet is tracks 1, 3-6.
The Octet is tracks 2, 7-13.

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