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The Bud Shank Quartet (PJ1215)

T[his i]s a terrific group who played with enthusiasm and pluck. The Bud Shank Quartet Featuring Claude Williamson from 1956 says it all — no gimmicks here. "Bag of Blues" is a typical West Coast blues in that there's nothing really bluesy about it, but it has a memorable melody over a set of chord changes that provides Shank and Williamson with a platform for all sorts of appealing lines. Shank is on alto sax on that one, but switches to flute for a haunting rendition of "Nature Boy" — slow and melancholy. Many saxophonists doubled on flute, but none seemed as dedicated as Shank to exploring the tonal possibilities available with the extra instrument. "Walkin'" pulls a more recent tune from the East Coast and is nothing short of remarkable in how the quartet finds arresting ways to work through the simplest of changes. A bouncy "Carioca" closes out the record.
David Rickert

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Bud Shank
The Bud Shank Quartet


1 Bag Of Blues (Cooper)  6:50
2 Nature Boy (Ahbez)  4:29
3 All This And Heaven Too (Heusen, DeLange)  4:55
4 Jubilation (Cooper)  5:48
5 Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (Russell, Ellington)  5:41
6 Nocturne For Flute (Williamson)  2:49
7 Walkin' (Carpenter)  9:42
8 Carioca (Youmans, Eliscu, Kahn)  4:59


Bud Shank - as & fl
Claude Williamson - p
Don Prell - b
Chuck Flores - dr

Recorded at Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles ; January 25, 1956


rapidlydone said...

One can never have too much Bud Shank.

Orbyt said...

The very first Shank recording I heard that was remastered on CD - highly recommended. To me, Shank's golden period was these 50s/60s recordings - his tone turned sharper and much less "lyrical" by the 80s.

Here's the Dusty Groove review:

One of two Quartet albums that Bud recorded in 1956 -- both of them great, and both of them featuring Claude Williamson! This one's got Bud blowing wonderfully on alto and flute -- using that crisp, lyrical tone that was his strongest suit in the late 50s. Williamson even plays a bit of celeste on the record, making for a slightly playful style that's fresh and unique -- almost a bit more playful than usual for Shank. The rest of the group features Don Prell on bass and Chuck Flores on drums -- and titles include "Pavane", "Jive At Five", "Night In Tunisia", "Tertia", and "Theme".

itr said...

I like his sound, many thanks Mel.

Anonymous said...

I do not share Bruno's dynamic tastes nor anything else from a troll of the likes, but this is maybe the best Shank's quartet with Williamson. It opens the BS Complete Pacific Jazz Studio Recordings Mosaic box. Great music.

obelix said...

TY Mel !

Seems it happening again 'troll of the likes'.....uffffffff


grumpy said...

Thanks,great music, and it's good to get the cover art even if you've got the Mosaic box.

Anonymous said...

I've been a Bud Shank fan since I first heard the theme OST of The James Dean Story--a very long time ago. I don't have this one. Many thanks

Neal said...

Thanks very much for this, and the other Bud Shank offerings! @Grumpy: are you sure this was issued by Mosaic? I don't think it's in the 3 cd "Select" set, but perhaps there's an earlier release I've forgotten about?

Neal said...

Ah, there it is: Mosaic #180 The Pacific Jazz Bud Shank Studio Sessions (1956-61)....should have known!

jazzlover said...

Great Bud,marvelous,many thx Melanchthon for your effort !

Silvio said...

it seems there is some trouble with this link, it stops at 1,1 mb and this is it, can you help?

rubberduck said...

many thanks

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deGallo said...

Marvelous! Thank you.

Fred Archtop said...

thanks a lot Mel.

Historicus said...

great as usual, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks MM! I cherish the memory of Bud Shank sitting on my sofa in commie Warsaw !

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