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Teddy Wilson - Chronological Classics (1935-1936)

There is no better way to illustrate the versatility of Teddy Wilson than to glance at the personnels of the 22 tracks that are on this magnificient CD. These pick-up groups include musicians from many different orchestras and groups aswell as Wilson's own employer, Benny Goodman.
Volume 2 of Teddy Wilson's chronological recordings encloses all tracks recorded under his own name between December, 1935 and October, 1936. Items 1, 3, 4 like many others — feature timeless vocals by Billie Holiday. Several of these early sides are not half as well known as those cut during the following years but lovely they are, all ! It is particulary nice to compare her singing with the two vocals by Ella Fitzgerald, "My Melancoly Baby" and "All My Life". The next session is a milestone in the history of "Small Group Swing". All four sides are tremendous but it is probably the eery contribution by bassist Israel Crosby in "Blues in C-sharp Minor" that will linger on in your ears !  The next four vocals by Billie Holiday are again very pleasing. Listen to the nice contributions by Ellingtonians Johnny Hodges and Harry Carney. The voice of Helen Ward, follows. Cute as these sides are, they compare somewhat badly with Billie Holiday. This most welcome issue of sides originally released as by Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra whets the apperite for Volume 3 which will include many more high-lights from thirties !
Anatol Schenker, January 1990, from the booklet

Teddy Wilson
Chronological Classics


1 These 'n' That 'n' Those (Pascal Fairchild)  3:16
2 Sugar Plum (Kahn, Johnson)  3:03
3 You Let Me Down (Dubin, Warren)  2:55
4 Spreadin' Rhythm Around (Koehler, McHugh)  2:58
5 I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze (Gordon, Revel)  3:17
6 Breaking In A Pair Of Shoes (Franklin, Stept, Washington)  3:10
7 Life Begins When You're In Love (Brown, Schertzinger, Richman)  3:08
8 (If I Had) Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes (Kahn, Ray, Lunceford, Chaplin)  3:04
9 Christopher Columbus (Razaf, Berry)  2:46
10 My Melancholy Baby (Norton, Burnett)  3:02
11 All My Life (Mitdell, Stept)  3:15
12 Mary Had A Little Lamb (unknown)  2:56
13 Too Good To Be True (Boland)  3:11
14 Warmin' Up (Wilson)  3:14
15 Blues In C Sharp Minor (Wilson)  3:19
16 It's Like Reaching For The Moon (Sherman, Lewis)  3:27
17 These Foolish Things (Strachey, Marvell, Walker)  3:23
18 Why Do I Lie To Myself About You ((Coutts)  3:10
19 I Cried For You (Freed, Arnheim, Lyman)  3:17
20 Guess Who (Hunter)  3:15
21 You Came To My Rescue (Robin, Rainger)  3:06
22 Here's Love In Your Eyes (Robin, Rainger)  3:04


[# 1-6]
Richard Clarke - tp
Tom Mace - cl
Johnny Hodges - as
Teddy Wilson - p
Dave Barbour - g
Grachan Moncur - b
Billie Holiday - vc
Recorded in New York ; December 3 [# 1-4], 1935 ; & January 17 [# 5-6], 1936
[# 7-8]
Gordon Griffin - tp
Rudy Powell - cl
Ted McRae - ts
Teddy Wilson - p
John Trueheart - g
Grachan Moncur - b
Cozy Cole - dr
Billie Holiday - vc
Recorded in New York ; January 30, 1936
[# 9-11]
Frank Newton - tp
Benny Morton - tb
Jerry Blake - cl & as
Ted McRae - ts
Teddy Wilson - p
John Trueheart - g
Lennie Stanfield - b
Cozy Cole - dr
Ella Fitzgerald - vc
Recorded in New York ; March 17, 1936
Roy Eldridge - tp
Buster Bailey - cl
Chu Berry - ts
Teddy Wilson - p
Bob Lessey - g
Israel Crosby - b
Sidney Catlett - dr
Recorded in Chicago ; May 14, 1936
[# 16-20]
Johnah Jones - tp
Johnny Hidges - as
Harry Carney - cl & bs
Teddy Wilson - p
Lawrence Lucie - g
John Kirby - b
Cozy Cole - dr
Billie Holiday - vc
Recorded in New York ; June 30, 1936
[# 21 & 22]
Gordon Griffin - tp
Benny Goodman - cl
Vido Musso - ts
Teddy Wilson - p
Allan Reuss - g
Harry Goodman - b
Gene Krupa - dr
Lionej Hampton - vb
Helen Ward as Vera Lane - vc
Recorded in Los Angeles ; August 25, 1936


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