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Music to Listen to Red Norvo By

Although vibraphonist Red Norvo is the leader of this sextet date, clarinetist Bill Smith (who contributed the 20-minute four-movement "Divertimento") often sets the tone for the music. His work has classical elements to it, but the five shorter pieces (by Jack Montrose, Barney Kessel, Lennie Niehaus, Duane Tatro, and Norvo) are much more jazz oriented. Norvo's light-toned sextet (which consists of his vibes, flutist Buddy Collette, clarinetist Bill Smith, guitarist Barney Kessel, bassist Red Mitchell, and drummer Shelly Manne) was not a regularly working unit, but it sounds well-integrated and tight during the complex, but generally swinging, music.
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Red Norvo
Music to Listen to Red Norvo By


1 Poeme (Montrose)  5:53
2 Red Sails (Kessel)  3:51
3 The Red Broom (Norvo)  4:37
4 Rubricity (Tatro)  3:54
5 Paying the Dues Blues (Niehaus)  4:53

Divertimento (Smith)
 6 1st Movement  4:18
7 2nd Movement  6:42
8 3rd Movement  4:43
9 4th Movement  4:18


Red Norvo - vb
Buddy Collette - fl
Bill Smith - cl
Barney Kessel - g
Red Mitchell - g
Shelly Manne - dr

Recorded at Contemporary's Studio, Los Angeles ; January 26, February 9 & March 2, 1957


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