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John Jensen Plays Reale & Copland

"For a Iong time I harbored the pleasant notion that I was a child of the twentieth century, having been born on 14 November 1900. But some authorities claim that the twentieth century began on 1 January 1901. I calculate therefore that I spent my first forty-eight days in the nineteenth century — an alarming thought."

Aaron Copland, with these opening words from volume I of his autobiography (Publ. 1984 with Vivian Perlis), expresses what is perhaps the primary aesthetic concern of most artists working today : is my work relevant ? Is it modern ? Heaven forbid that I should dip into the Romantic pastor that my work should show any evidence at its excesses. On many occasions throughout his life, Copland, long acclaimed as the populist hero/composer of such works as Billy The Kid and Rodeo, was disturbed that the musical establishment at large would not see him as a major, serious force in new music. The three large piano works — the Piano Variations of 1930, the Piano Sonata of 1941 , and the Piano Fantasy of Fifteen years later show the composer at his most adventuresome and selfconsciously avant-garde. The composer's concern, a fear that becomes a pervasive contemporary attitude, probably has its roots in the notion of progress as a necessary end. J.B. Bury, the historian, develops a thesis that the idea of progress is a comparatively new phenomenon in western culture. ”ln achieving its ascendency and untolding its meaning, the Idea ol Progress had to overcome a psychological obstacle which may be described as the illusion of finality. ” (”Epilogue" to The Idea ol Progress). Modern man accepts the ceaseless trek forward with no particular goal in mind, save new and better solutions to old problems...
(from the booklet)

John Jensen
Paul Reale
Aaron Copland
(Music & Arts CD-738)


Paul Reale
(1943-   )

First Piano Sonata
1 Moderato  7:04
2 Mysteriously. Chorale  6:46
3 Finale  3:46

Aaron Copland

Four Piano Blues
4 For Leo Smit (Freely poetic)  2:16
5 For Andor Foldes (Soft and languid)  2:29
6 For William Kapell (Muted and sensuous)  2:31
7 For John Kirkpatrick (With bounce)  1:21

Piano Fantasy
8 Slow  8:03
9 Moderato tempo  6:53
10 Twice as slow, with humor  7:14
11 As a first  9:42
(The entire piece is played without pause)

Paul Reale
(1943-    )

Dance Sonata (Piano Sonata n° 2)
12 In the Ballroom  5:13
13 Pas de deux (segué)  3:24
14 Dancing in the Streets  4:38


John Jensen -p

Recorded at Herrick Chapel, Grinnell College, Iowa ; June 11/13, 1991


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