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Herb Ellis & Joe Pass - Jazz/Concord

The very first release by the Concord label (recorded at the 1973 Concord Jazz Festival and now available on CD) was a quartet set featuring guitarists Herb Ellis and Joe Pass, bassist Ray Brown, and drummer Jake Hanna. Ellis and Pass (the latter was just beginning to be discovered) always made for a perfectly complementary team, constantly challenging each other. The boppish music (which mixes together standards with "originals" based on the blues and a standard) is quite enjoyable with the more memorable tunes including "Look for the Silver Lining," "Honeysuckle Rose," "Georgia," "Good News Blues," and "Bad News Blues." This was a strong start for what would become the definitive mainstream jazz label.
Scott Yanow

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Herb Ellis
Joe Pass


1 Look for the Silver Lining (DeSylva, Kern)  4:47
2 Shadow of Your Smile (Mandel, Webster)  2:30
3 Good News Blues (Ellis)  3:22
4 Honeysuckle Rose (Razaf, Waller)  3:07
5 Happiness Is the Concord Jazz Festival (Brown)  3:54
6 Stuffy (Hawkins)  5:07
7 Georgia on My Mind (Carmichael, Gorrell)  5:24
8 Love for Sale (Porter)  3:48
9 Bad News Blues (Ellis)  5:17


Herb Ellis - g
Joe Pass - g
Ray Brown - b
Jake Hanna - dr

Recorded at Wally Hyder Studios, Los Angeles ; September 12, 1972


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