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Guiomar Novaës - Complete Victor Recordings 78s (1919-1927)

Those who know Novaës primarily from her last recordings may be surprised to see her standing in such august company — but this Music & Arts reissue of the RCA recordings she made in her twenties and thirties reminds us that she was a performer of astonishing spark and volatility. Although the Chopin Mazurka shows her capable of broad and unapologetic rubato, for the most part these readings are more notable for the glitter of their detail (each note of her glistening Waldesrauschen sounds clearly, and her punchy Gnomenreigen has even more flair than Barere's), the snap of her rhythms (listen to the left hand in her Hymne Nationale Bréselien, one of those rare Gottschalk performances to give his bravura its due), and their often kinetic treatment of accompaniments and inner lines, which can make usually insipid repertoire (for instance, the Spring Song) seem surprisingly vital. She's a bit impatient in the Gluck, and her reading of the Paderewski Nocturne (especially heard right after Paderewski's own account) may seem too abrupt—but this is only the downside of a tough spirit that pays high dividends, for instance, in the snappy recording of the potentially sugary Strauss-Godowsky. Good transfers and notes, too. In sum, a salutary reminder that the canonical Great Performers did not have a monopoly on great performances.
Peter J. Rabinowitz, FANFARE [9/1992]

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Guiomar Novaës
The Complete Victor 78 RPM


Louis Moreau Gottschalk

1 Hymne National Brésilien (Grande Fantaise Triomphale), Op. 69  7:53
(Rec. April 3, 1920 & June 12, 1923)

Frédéric Chopin

 2 Mazurka in D Major, Op. 33 n° 2  2:43
(Rec. April 9, 1920)

Franz Liszt

 3 Waldesrauschen (Etude de Concert)  4:36
4 Gnomenreigen (Etude de Concert)  3:00
(Rec. June 11, 1923)

Ignace Jan Paderewski

 5 Nocturne in B-flat, Op. 16 4  4:35
(Rec. April 3, 1920)

Isidor Philipp

6 Feux-Follets (Jack o'Lanterns), Op. 24 3  2:15
(Rec. June 27, 1919)

Moritz Moskowski

7 La Jongleuse, Op. 52-4  1:41
(Rec. June 12, 1923)

Christoph Willibald Gluck

8 Dance of the Blessed Spirits ('Orfeo') (arr. Ignaz Fridman)  2:47
(Rec. June 12, 1923) 
9 Gavotte ('Iphigenia in Aulis') (arr. Brahms)  4:04
(Rec. April 9, 1920)

Ludwig Van Beethoven

 10 Turkish March ('Ruins of Athens') (arr. Rubinstein)  2:01
(Rec. April 9, 1920)

Edward McDowell

11 Witche's Dance, Op. 17 2  2:48
(Rec. June 12, 1923)

Félix Mendelssohn

12 Spring Song, Op. 62 6  2:40
(Rec. April 9, 1920)

Alexander Levy

13 Brazilian Tango  2:19
(Rec. April 1, 1920)

Anton Rubinstein

14 Nocturne in G Major, Op. 75 8  4:36
(Rec. June 12, 1923)

Moritz Moskowski

15 Guitarre op. 45 2  3:21
(Rec. April 9, 1920)

Richard Strauss

16 Ständchen, Op. 17 n° 2 (arr. Godowski)  2:52
(Rec. April 8, 1927)

Isaac Albéniz

17 Tango in D Major, Op. 165 n° 2 (arr. Godowski)  3:38
(Rec. April 8, 1927)

Jacques Ibert

18 The Little White Fonkey ('Histoires')  1:53
(Rec. April 8, 1927)

Heitor Villa-Lobos

19 O Polichinelo ('Prole do Bébé')  1:52
(Rec. April 8, 1927)

Louis Moreau Gottschalk

20 Hymne National Brésilien (Grande Fantaise Triomphale), Op. 69  8:49
(Rec. April 8, 1927)


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