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Beatrice Long Plays Scarlatti

Beatrice Long approaches her assignment of Scarlatti Keyboard Sonatas with quiet grace and a light touch. Where Jeno Jando’s Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 3 was faithful to the harpsichord performances, Long provides her selections with more air to breath. Long immediately captures the contrasting natures often intended in Scarlatti’s compositions. Though not explicitly stated, Long’s Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 4 offers several such contrasting pieces.
The Sonata in E-Flat Major, K. 474, marked Andante cantabile, was a Horowitz vehicle, where that master played with an authoritative left hand, so authoritative a hand that it almost booms. Horowitz often injected the romantic into his Baroque and Classical pieces and this E-Flat Major sonata is no exception. Where Horowitz’s playing is on the tart side, Long is relaxed, filling in all of the sonic spaces of the composition. Her pacing is slightly slower than Horowitz’s overall. Long leans this sonata against the K. 516 in D Minor, marked "Allegretto". Here her playing is staccato tart and precise, with a booming left hand where called for. This is a composition of punctuation where K. 474 is one of narrative.
Another contrasting pair of sonatas is the K. 443 in D Major, marked "Allegro" and the K. 158 in C Minor, marked "Andante". The K. 443 is filled with tumbling figures that resolve in searching passages and marches. Scarlatti produced in the K. 443, a piece full of fleeting feeling. Long captures the swift changes well, expressing them with drama and precision. In contrast the K. 158 offers a slower tempo, a minor key, and a smoother texture while retaining the same range of emotions, albeit muted. Long’s light and careful touch are well employed on this collection, yet another fine addition to Naxos’s on-going Scarlatti Keyboard Sonatas series...
C. Michael Bailey

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Beatrice Long
Domenico Scarlatti

Complete Keyboard Sonatas, vol. 4


1 Sonata in E Major, K.215. Andante  5:58
2 Sonata in G Minor, K.4. Allegro  5:17
3 Sonata in F Major, K.107. Allegro  4:13
4 Sonata in A Minor, K.532. Allegro  3:03
5 Sonata in E-Flat Major, K.474. Andante cantabile  5:46
6 Sonata in D minor, K.516. Allegretto  4:44
7 Sonata in A minor, K.175. Allegro  3:39
8 Sonata in C Major, K.132. Cantabile  7:23
9 Sonata in F minor, K.519. Allegro assai  2:45
10 Sonata in B Major, K.262. Vivo  3:54
11 Sonata in C minor, K.99 Allegro  7:25
12 Sonata in D Major, K.443. Allegro  4:09
13 Sonata in C Minor, K.158. Andante  6:22
14 Sonata in E Major, K.403. Allegro  4:13
15 Sonata in B-Flat Major, K.550. Allegretto  4:40
16 Sonata in G Major, K.470. Allegro  5:28


Beatrice Long - p

Recorded in the Orum Hall, Valparaiso, Indiana, United States ; June 24/26, 1996


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