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Andreï Gavrilov Plays Prokofiev & Ravel

This recital offers us repertoire revisited. With the exception of Prokofiev's little Prelude (originally composed for the harp) all this material has been previously recorded by Gavrilov for EMI. Once again his dazzling force and mobility are paramount though it has to be said that the manner is now more distant and objective than before. You may marvel at Gavrilov's truly feroce attack on Prokofiev's Suggestion diabolique or his beautifully soft and light glissandos in the central tick-tock momentum of the Prelude, but such qualities tend to remain abstract, unrelated to more deeply stylish or poetic considerations. Again, in Ravel's ''Ondine'' (the opening for once truly triple piano) his performance is less menacing and seductive than on his earlier EMI disc (4/88) and a curious air of detachment hangs over ''Le Gibet'', its sinister desolation observed as it were, from without. ''Scarbo'', too, for all its stunning pace and definition, is disappointly cool, and while his Pavane pour une infante defunte has a marked sense of ceremony and occasion it is also heavy-handed (almost as if Mussorgsky had had some voice in the proceedings). Even in Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet transcription, which pianistically speaking Gavrilov plays with supreme mastery, my sense remains of self-conscious, 'over-produced' performances ; an impression emphasized by DG's clinical and airless recording.'
Bryce Morrison

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Andreï Gavrilov
Prokofiev & Ravel


Sergueï Prokofiev

Romeo and Juliet (Suite), Ten pieces for piano, Op. 75
1 I. Folk Dance. Allegro giocoso  3:2
2 II. Scene. Allegretto  1:30
3 III. Minuet. Assai moderato  2:59
4 IV. The Young Juliet. Vivace  3:38
5 V. Masks. Andante marciale  2:36
6 VI. The Montagues and the Capulets. Allegro pesante  3:45
7 VII. Friar Laurence. Andante espressivo  2:32
8 VIII. Mercutio. Without tempo indication  2:14
9 IX. Dance of the Girls with LIlies. Andante con eleganza  9:10
10 X. Romeo Bids Juliet Farewell. Lento  9:10

11 Suggestion diabolique, Op. 4 n° 4  2:29
(from Four Pieces for Piano)

12 Prélude, Op. 12 n° 7  1:55
(from Ten Pieces for Piano)


Maurice Ravel

Gaspard de la Nuit
Trois poèmes pour piano d'après Aloysius Bertrand
13 I. Ondine. Lent  7:04
14 II. Le Gibet. Très lent  5:21
15 III. Scarbo. Modéré  8:49

16 Pavane pour une Infante défunte  7:48


Andréï Gavrilov - p

Recorded at Friedrich-von-Thiersch-Saal, Wiesbaden ; April 1992


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