Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Mundell Lowe Quartet '55

Most of this set is essentially straightahead bebop with guitarist Mundell Lowe heard in top form on such numbers as "Will You Still Be Mine," "I'll Never Be the Same," "All of You" and "Cheek to Cheek." The wild card here is Dick Hyman who, in addition to piano and some celeste on "The Night We Called It a Day," mostly plays organ. His tone is thin and restrained, almost as if he were playing a cheap electric piano ; Jimmy Smith would not make his presence known for another year. However Lowe is the main voice throughout this fairly colorful Riverside quartet date (also including supportive playing by bassist Trigger Alpert and drummer Ed Shaughnessy) which has been reissued on CD in the OJC series.
Scott Yanow

Mundell Lowe


1 Will You Still Be Mine ? (Adair, Dennis)  5:36
2 I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plans (Dietz, Schwartz)  4:36
3 I'll Never Be the Same (Kahn, Malneck, Signorelli)  5:10
4 All of You (Porter)  3:39
5 Yes Sir, That's My Baby (Donaldson, Kahn)  2:40
6 The Night We Called It a Day (Adair, Dennis)  3:36
7 Bach Revisited (Garcia, Lowe)  3:00
8 Cheek to Cheek (Berlin)  4:53
9 Far from Vanilla (Lowe)  3:29


Mundell Lowe - g
Dick Hyman - p & org
Trigger Alpert - b
Ed Shaughnessy - dr

Recorded in New York ; August 27, 1955 [# 1-4] & October 4, 1955 [# 5-9]


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