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Inger Södergren Plays Scarlatti

Of Domenico Scarlatti's 550 Harpsichord Sonatas, only thirty were published during his lifetime. It was not until the 20th century that they were published in their entirety, first of all by Ricordi (ed. Longo, indicated as L.), then, in 1947, by the harpsichordist Ralph Kirkpatrick, who tried to work out a more accurate chronology, with a classification bearing his name (indicated as K). The originality of these sonatas, whose influence extended as far as Liszt, lies in their perfect blend of necessary virtuosity, spirituality and precision in the writing. The influence of popular music and that of his father Alessandro, who was also a great musician, give these works a purely Latin flavour, with a wealth of new sonorities. They call for great tenderness, emotion and humour on the part of the interpreter, but remain inaccessible without very strict rigour in their execution. Scarlatti's sonatas are in just one movement, divided into two repeated parts, the second half of the first part introducing the theme of the, second. According to Kirkpatrick, theyshould be paired according to key ; they can very rarely be presented in threes. Their diversity, both in inspiration and form, make Domenico Scarlatti the father of the modern keyboard sonata. He sometimes approaches polytonality in the boldness of his modulations, the proximity of very different keys and the presence of dissonance» — which led certain editors, suffering from a lack of imaginatiion, to make ‘corrections’ !
From the booklet

Inger Södergren
Domenico Scarlatti


1 Sonata in F Minor, L.382  6:02
2 Sonata in D Major, L.314  2:40
3 Sonata in E Minor, L.22  2:44
4 Sonata in D Minor, L.423  1:37
5 Toccata in D Minor [K.411]  3:50
6 Sonata in F Minor, L.118  5:38
7 Sonata in F Minor, L.282  3:23
8 Sonata in E Major, L.23  4:12
9 Sonata in D Minor, L.108  5:01
10 Sonata in D Minor, L.266  3:02
11 Sonata in D Minor, L.58  1:44
12 Sonata in B Major, L.33  4:41
13 Sonata in D Major, L.15  2:50
14 Sonata in A Major, L.238  3:07
15 Sonata in A Major, L.132  2:52
16 Sonata in F Minor, L.187  4:35
17 Sonata in G Major, L.349  2:32


Inger Södergren - p

Recorded November 1981 [# 6-17] & 1988 [# 1-5]


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