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Annie Ross & Zoot Sims - A Gasser !

Most of this CD reissue contains one of singer Annie Ross' finest sessions away from the premiere jazz vocal group Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. She is joined by either Zoot Sims or (on two numbers) Bill Perkins on tenor, pianist Russ Freeman, Billy Bean or Jim Hall on guitar, bassist Monty Budwig and Mel Lewis or Frankie Capp on drums. Ross' renditions of such tunes as "I'm Nobody's Baby," "Invitation To The Blues," "I Didn't Know About You" and "You Took Advantage Of Me" are highlights. Also on this set are five instrumentals taken from samplers that showcase the talents of Zoot Sims and Russ Freeman. Recommended.
Scott Yanow

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Annie Ross
Zoot Sims
A Gasser !


1 I'm Just a Lucky and So (Ellington, David)  4:45
2 You're Nearer (Rodgers, Hart)  5:01
3 I'm Nobody's baby (Davis, Ager, Santly)  2:51
4 Lucky Day (Henderson, DeSylva, Brown)  2:11
5 Invitation to the Blues (Roberts, Fisher, Gershwin)  4:10
6 You're Driving Me Crazy (Donaldson)  4:47
7 Invitation to the Blues [instrumental] (Roberts, Fisher, Gershwin)  4:36
8 Everything I've Got (Rodgers, Hart)  2:53
9 I Didn't Know About You (Ellington, Russell)  5:28
10 I Was Doing All Right (Gershwin, Gershwin)  2:34
11 You Took Advantage of Me (Rodgers, Hart)  3:50
12 I Don't Want to Cry Anymore (Schertzinger)  5:58
13 Bones for Zoot (Freeman)  4:21
14 Funky Old Blues (Freeman)  4:23
15 Brushes (Lewis, Freeman)  5:38


Annie Ross - vc [# 1-5 & 8-12]
Bill Perkins - ts [# 1 & 2]
Zoot Sims - ts [# 3-15]
Russ Freeman - p
Billy Bean - g [# 3-7]
Jim Hall - g [# 1, 2, 8-15]
Monty Budwig - b
Frankie Capp - dr [# 3]
Mel Lewis [# 1, 2, 4-15]

Recorded in Los Angeles (in four sessions) ; March 1959


CrunchyFrog said...

awesome mel!!! thanks for the vocal jazz... even tho most followers of this blog seem to pass by the vocal jazz I for one love it and I think everyone else are missing out!
Annie Ross and Zoot Sims are wonderful together!

ProfessorCalculus said...

Thanks Thanks Mel..More Vocal jazz please,,,specially the female ones.

Timmy said...

Wow! thanx......!

FrankDell said...

Took half a day to download but well worth the effort. I have this on LP but the extra Zoot makes this a must have. And Annie is in top form. Thanks, Mel.

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flyra said...

Well, it's after midnight here. I'm sipping my coffee, doing some work on my computer listening to this charming, addictive, tender album...and then I set my work aside, there is plenty of time tomorrow let's dig deep to what I'm listening. That's the way it is with this blog's music, almost like attending university classes in jazz! So, thanks a million and ... still I do not know what I can do for you, after all that you've done for me!

Xavier Casadó said...

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Fred Archtop said...

One of my favorite singers. I definitly recommend "Annie Ross - Sing A Song With Mulligan [1958]". Thanks a million Mel.

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Anonymous said...

mel please! reupload this album