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Joe Diorio & Hal Crook Quartet - Narayani

Dedicated to his wife, Narayani, Joe Diorio's fourth album for the Italian label Ram has him co-leading a quartet with modern trombonist Hal Crook, producing almost 70 minutes of avant-garde jazz performances. Both leaders are also educators and have extensive instructional material to their name as well as teaching music education. Crook's material focuses on the art of improvisation and, judging by this session, he practices what he teaches. On such cuts as "Solar," he moves between quick tonguing action and slides and smears in an effort to bring a contemporary, higher level of extemporization to Miles Davis' jazz classic. Diorio's guitar rides along below with a solo by first-call bass player Steve LaSpina and drum runs and cymbal dashes, smashes, and clashes by Steve Bagby, ending in an inconclusive exchange by Diorio and Crook. This is a very animated eight-plus minute track. Something a little less animated comes with Crook's "The Snake," where the trombonist's stop-and-start action, often sounding like the horn of a Paris taxi cab, rides atop LaSpina's never constant, repetitive chords. He goes on so long that it's amazing he stays with the same cadence. (LaSpina works harder than anybody on this session.) On this track and others, the trombone player seems to be engaged in querulous conversation with somebody. Fortunately, Diorio's clean-stringed boppish guitar lends some sense of sanity to the proceedings. The standards, the usually honeyed "Because of You," "Darn That Dream," and "I'll Be Seeing You," are given an improvisational working over the likes of which they probably have never been subjected to. Crook gets full measure from his slide instrument and Diorio is a willing and able partner in this sometimes daring, sometimes idiosyncratic excursion into modern jazz.
Dave Nathan

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Joe Diorio 
Hal Crook Quartet


1 Because of You (Hammerstein, Wilkinson)  8:36
2 Narayani (Diorio)  6:01
3 Bossa Blue (Diorio)  7:16
4 State of Mind (Crook)  4:27
5 The Snake (Crook)  7:48
6 Space Cadets (Diorio)  6:45
7 Darn That Dream (De Lange, Van Heusen)  9:30
8 You Got What ! (Crook)  5:09
9 I'll Be Seeing You (Fain, Kahal)  5:03
10 Solar (Davis)  8:21


Joe Diorio - g
Hal Crook - tb
Steve LaSpina - b
Steve Bagby - dr

Recorded at MM Recording Lab - Parma (Italy) ; February 28 & March 1, 1994


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Joe Diorio & Hal Crook Quartet Narayani, 1994

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