Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Franco Cerri & Enrico Intra - Double Trio

"I’ve always had a great curiosity. For me everything could be music, even if I had not studied it. I had a great desire to write. I did not even know the notes. One night I awoke with a jump and I found the solution : I have to get the scores of songs that I already knew and that I have already played. I watched as they were written, and I learned that there were a quadruplet and then a quaver. Slowly, with great patience, I began to write. At the beginning I did look at Kramer what I had written and he said: “I do not believe even if you get on your knees.” He told the others : ”This one has the ear, but he goes too far.” I had a great desire, the need to do something of my own and so I went ahead. I stole shades, I observed attitudes, sounds, emotions, until the beauty of music, hugged and possessed me. I have learn many things from many people, but what I have formed my musical disposition, was Django Reinhardt with whom I played for two weeks at night club Astoria in Milan, in a trio group, together with the violinist Stephane Grappelli. Since that moment I realized the power of interpretation in the jazz performance."
Franco Cerri (About his Model)

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Franco Cerri
Enrico Intra
Double Trio


1 Per Enrico (Cerri)  4:33
2 Rondo' (Intra)  4:56
3 Copacabana (De Barro, Ribeiro)  5:48
4 Intramood (Intra)  3:43
5 My Funny Valentine (Rodgers, Hart)  7:17
6 One More Twelve Bars (Cerri)  5:46
7 Take the "A" Train (Strayhorn)  4:51
8 Affinché (Cerri)  7:25
9 Per una Serenata (Intra)  6:18
10 Autumn Leaves (Cosma, Prévert) 5:15
11 Nuages (Reinhardt)  3:08


Franco Cerri - g
Enrico Intra - p
Marco Vaggi - b
Tony Arco - dr

Recorded at Casa del Jazz, Roma ; March 15, 2007


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