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Dave Pell & Lucy Ann Polk

The Dave Pell Octet was one of the great West Coast jazz-style cool combos of the 1950s. This CD reissues the band's two Johnny Burke/Jimmy Van Heusen albums. Lucy Ann Polk sings eight of the 16 selections, and she is a major asset, displaying a relaxed, straightforward, basic, and winning approach, warmly uplifting each song. The arrangements are by Shorty Rogers, Wes Hensel, Bill Holman, Bob Enevoldsen, Jack Montrose, Med Flory, Jim Emerson, and Buddy Bregman. The octet (comprised of trumpeter Don Fagerquist; trombonist Ray Sims ; Ronny Lang on baritone, alto and flute ; tenor saxophonist Dave Pell ; pianist Claude Williamson ; guitarist Tony Rizzi ; bassist Rolly Bundock, and drummer Jack Sperling) sounds at its best on "But Beautiful," "Suddenly It's Spring," "It's Always You," "Aren't You Glad You're You," "It Could Happen to You," and "Imagination." Timeless music.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/album/burke-and-van-heusen-r145330

Dave Pell Octet
Burke & Van Heusen


1 But Beautiful*  2:18
2 My Heart Is a Hobo  2:38
3 Like Someone in Love  3:32
4 Swinging on a Star*  2:35
5 Suddenly It's Spring  3:37
6 It's Always You*  2:30
7 What Does It Take  3:30
8 Aren't You Glad You're You*  2:10
9 All This and Heaven Too  4:31
10 It Could Happen to You*  2:19
11 Just My Luck  3:12
12 Imagination*  2:42
13 When Is Sometime ?  2:32
14 Darn That Dream*  2:48
15 Humpty Dumpty Heart  3:13
16 Polka Dots and Moonbeams*  2:27

All Compositions by Burke & VanHeusen
Except # 9 & 14 DeLange & VanHeusen


Lucy Ann Polk - voc* 
Don Fagerquist - tp
Ray Sims - tb
Ronny Lang - bs, as & fl
Dave Pell- ts
Claude Williamson - p
Tony Rizzi - g
Rolly Bundock - b
Jack Sperling - dr

Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood ; December 18 & 28, 1953


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This is wonderful, not only a Dave Pell I've never seen but vocals by a singer who shoulsd have recorded much more. Thanks Mel.

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The Dave Pell group are alway worth listening to. The presence of Lucy Ann Polk was a bonus for me as I hadn't previously heard any of her work.

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