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The Saxophones of Sonny Stitt [Roost]

Magical Stitt work on Roost — an album of marked understatement, from the simple title, standard cover, and lack of session details on the back — all of which might make you think "oh yeah, heard this one before." But one drop of the needle opens the album up immediately — grabbing your ears, and saying "man, this is what Stitt's all about — and if you think you've heard it before, you haven't!" There's nothing fancy here, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing, either — as Sonny on sax is more than enough to make the whole thing take off from the very first note — blowing in that majestically confident style used during his years at Roost, an extremely inventive solo mode that takes on almost Rollins-like proportions at times. Tunes include "Wind Up", "Them There Eyes", "Foot Tapper", "Happy Faces", "In A Little Spanish Town", and "Back In Your Own Back Yard".
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Sonny Stitt
Saxophones Of Sonny Stitt
(Roost SLP 2230)


1 Happy Faces (Stitt)  3:40
2 Am I Blue (Akst, Clarke)  2:57
3 I'll Be Seeing You (Kahn, Fain)  2:05
4 When You're Smiling (Fischer, Goodwin, Shay)  3:34
5 In a Little Spanish Town (Lewis, Young, Wayne)  4:00
6 Them There Eyes (Tracey, Tauber, Pinkard)  3:42
7 Back in Your Own Back Yard (Rose, Dreyer, Jolson)  3:26
8 Foot Tapper (Stitt)  3:05
9 Sometimes I Feel Like a Motheless Child (trad.)  2:44
10 Shadow Waltz (Warren, Dubin)  2:08
11 Wind Up (Stitt)  3:35


Sonny Stitt - as & ts [# 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 & 10]
Jimmy Jones - p
Unknown - b
Charlie Persip - dr

Recorded at Nola's Penthouse Sound, New York City ; April 2, 1958


fredonline said...

I'm the first one ;o)
Thanks a lot Mel for this jewel.
I'm really glad to grab this unknow to me album.

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theblueamos said...

thank you mel,yet another jewel all the ebst from jerusalem

Baron said...

Thanks Mel ... not seen this Stitt ... great songs too ... Shadow Waltz! ... Baron

reindeer man said...

Thanks Mel - some new Stitt! "Pow" was one of my first Stitt records and an all-time favorite... though some 8 years later than this I think. Love the education on early Stitt!

neil said...

Now I wonder who that bass player was?

rm said...

merci beaucoup

Otis Foster said...

Thnx mel - another session I wouldn't have heard without your share

deGallo said...

Saxes Of Stitt............another from one of my favorite sax players. Thank you!!

swingingduck said...

I have all these tracks on Mosaic box which I never listen to, because when I play it I don't have a clue what exactly I am listening to, and I have never had time to reconstruct regular albums from it.
Thank you so much for all these Stitt individual Roost releases.

zardoz1984 said...

Yes, swingingduck, I have the same feeling about Mosaic boxes: separate releases are more listener friendly, but you can deny the value of complete stuff for deep listening of an artist during a particular period, especialy when released with such loving care. Anyway, we can enjoy both of two worlds, thks to Mel & some other sharing bloggers. Stitt got quite a production, and these one (like New York Jazz) is not the worst! And the undersung Jimmy Jones is a special treat at the piano. Sitt & Mel for ever !

Baron said...

What an enjoyable album ... thanks again ... Baron

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Otis Foster said...

Thnx Melanchthon. I missed this first time around.

Pernath said...

Thanks, Mel for this share.

OldHippieRick said...

Here is What I know!
The unknown bass player was probably "Aaron Bell" although Wendell Marshall did work as a pit musician for Nola's Penthouse Sound,(and others)but he was recording with Art Blakey at the time of this session and Aaron Bell was 2nd call for many Labels and Studio's in NYC until he retired in 1968... Oldhippierick

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mel! Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

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The Jackal said...

Dear Mel,

Another side of the great one. Can there be anything more left ?
What a catalogue ! String left nothing in the horn, it was all wrung out.
Thanks always

AmyBRAINS said...

Yes, it's really a "magical Stitt work on Roost".
Thanks a lot, Melanchthon.

Fred Archtop said...

Thanks Mel, I dig so much Sonny.

kristophermc28 said...

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ProfessorCalculus said...

A jewel Indeed...thanks Mel for this gem and the others.