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Teddy Wilson - Chronological Classics (1946)

All tracks on this CD were made for the Musicraft label whose producer, Albert Marx, had been a close friend of Teddy Wilson for many years. Married to Benny Goodman's singer Helen Ward, Marx and Wilson often met back in the thirties. When the producer joined the recently founded Musicraft Company, he signed up Wilson in late 1944. Over the next three years, the pianist recorded exclusively for the label as a soloist and with various small bands.
This volume of the recordings of Teddy Wilson presented in Chronological order, opens with a series of little-known yet very charming piano solos. Both "Sunny Morning" and "You're My Favorite Memory" are Wilson's own compositions. He rarely wrote but When he did, the result was impressive ! Teddy's up tempo interpretation of "Hallelujah" shows how his playing had influenced Art Tatum's — and vice versa! Two of the tracks by Teddy's octet feature perennial vocals by Sarah Vaughan, subtle performances arranged by Wilson who also arranged the two instrumentals from this date. Don Byas and Buck Clayton turn in very substantial solos. Teddy Wilson's next solo session focuses on well known standards, played in the manner so aptly described by Frank Driggs : "The overall mood on this group of recordings is one of quiet contemplation, of laying out a song for the whole world to hear, with Teddy Wilson’s strong sense of melody and perfect timing." The closing session by Teddy's quartet with Charlie Ventura on top form provides another highlight of the present CD, the subtle accompaniment of the leader on both tracks revealing an astonishing complicity between himself and Sarah Vaughan. The magic of Sassy's voice has rarely been preserved so charmingly on records as on "Time After Time" and Kurt Weill's "September Song". These tracks from a rather neglected period in Teddy Wilson's career certainly add to his renown ! To be continued...
Anatol Schenker, August 1996, from the booklet

Teddy Wilson
Chronological Classics


1 Cheek to Cheek (Berlin)  2:23
2 Sunny Morning (Wilson)  2:13
3 Why Shouldn't I ? (Porter)  2:39
4 Strange Interlude (Baker, Bernie, Hirsch)  2:54
5 All of Me (Marks, Simons)  2:29
6 Hallelujah (Grey, Robin, oumans)  2:53
7 You're My Favorite Memory (Johnson, Wilson)  2:36
8 Long Ago (And Far Away) (Gershwin, Kern)  2:23
9 Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone) (Burton, Jason)  3:10
10 Don't Worry 'Bout Me (Bloom, Koehler)  2:56
11 I Want to Be Happy (Caesar, Youmans)  2:38
12 Just One of Those Things (Porter)  2:35
13 Fine and Dandy (James, Swift)  2:19
14 I've Got the World on a String (Arlen, Koehler)  2:35
15 Ain't Misbehavin' (Brooks, Razaf, Waller)  2:31
16 You Took Advantage of Me (Hart, Rodgers)  2:33
17 Living in Dreams (Green)  2:33
18 I'm Yours (Green, Harburg)  2:36
19 Time After Time (Cahn, Styne)  3:03
20 Moon Faced, Starry Eyed (Hughes, Weill)  2:19
21 September Song (Anderson, Weill)  3:01
22 Moonlight on the Ganges (Myers, Wallace)  2:40


[# 1-8]
Teddy Wilson - p
Recorded in New York ; May 1, [# 1-4] & 2, [# 5-8] 1946
[# 9-12]
Buck Clayton - tp
Scoville Browne - as
Don Byas - ts
George James - bs
Remo Palmieri - g
Teddy Wilson - p
Billy Taylor - b
J. C. Heard - dr
Sarah Vaughan - vc [# 9 & 10]
Recorded in New York ; August 19, 1946
[# 13-18]
Teddy Wilson - p
Recorded in New York ; end. Oct./begin. Nov., 1946
[# 19-22]
Charlie Ventura - ts
Remo Palmieri - g
Teddy Wilson - p
Billy Taylor - b
Sarah Vaughan - vc [# 19 & 21]
Recorded in New York ; November 19, 1946


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