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Teddy Wilson - Chronological Classics (1938)

Teddy Wilson must have had a very busy schedule at the time of these recordings : He was frequently seen in recording-studios fronting his own groups or Billie Holiday's and was equally busy working with Benny Goodman who had just reached the height of his success after the first lengendary Carnegie Hall Concert in January 1938. Our leader also seems to have been involved in a short-lived enterprise called "Teddy Wilson School for Pianists" wich published a number of outstanding solo-records that are partly included in this CD.
Volume 6 of Teddy Wilson's chronomogical recordings opens with the two remaining sides from April 29, 1938 and includes all other sides made under his name to the end of the year. The few tracks that Nan Wynn could make with an excellent sextet featuring Benny Carter and Ben Webster should be much better known ! This is beautiful music although some of the songs are rather sub-standard. The pair of solos that are sandwiched between Ms. Wynn's singing and all others that follow were made specially for the "Teddy Wilson School for Pianists" mentioned above. These extremely rare records were only obteinable by mail order at the time — but listen how lovely they are : "Alice Blues Gown" must be among Teddy's best solos of the decade ! The two sessions with Billie Holiday that follow are not as famous as some of the earlier ones : They are a little bit different in as much as some written arrangements were used and solos are fewer. This, however, did not hinder Billie's magnificent singing : "You're so Desirable" and "Hello my Darling" are two incredibly impressive performances and prime examples for jazz as the end of the thirties ! To be continued...
Anatol Schenker, October 1990, from the booklet

Teddy Wilson
Chronological Classics


1 I'll Dream Tonight (Mercer, Whiting)  3:11
2 Jungle Love (Rainger, Robin)  2:51
3 That Old Feeling (Brown, Fain)  2:40
4 My Blue Heaven (Donaldson, Whiting)  2:12
5 Now It Can Be Told (Berlin)  3:14
6 Laugh and Call It Love (Burke, Monaco)  2:58
7 On the Bumpy Road to Love (Hoffman, Lewis, Mencher)  2:45
8 A-Tisket, A-Tasket (Alexander, Fitzgerald)  2:50
9 Loch Lomond (Trad.)  2:43
10 Tiger Rag (Da Costa, Edwards, LaRocca, Ragas, Sbarbaro, Shields)  2:09
11 I'll See You In My Dreams (Jones, Kahn)  2:17
12 Alice Blue Gown (McCarthy, Tierney)  2:48
13 Everybody's Laughing (Lerner, Oakland)  3:04
14 Here It Is Tomorrow Again (Ringwald)  2:44
15 Say It with a Kiss (Mercer, Warren)  2:36
16 April in My Heart (Carmichael, Meinardi)  3:09
17 I'll Never Fail You (Mizzy, Taylor)  3:00
18 They Say (Heyman, Mann, Weiss)  3:13
19 You're So Desirable (Noble)  2:54
20 You're Gonna See a Lot of Me (Goodhart, Hoffman, Kurtz)  3:01
21 Hello, My Darling (Loesser)  2:46
22 Let's Dream In the Moonlight (Walsh, Malneck)  2:54


[# 1-4]
Bobby Hackett - cl
Pee Wee Russell - cl
Johnny Hodges (or Buster Bailey or Jerry Blake ?) - as
Teddy Wilson - p
Allan Reuss - g
Al Hall - b
Johnny Blowers - dr
Nan Wynn - vcl
Recorded in New York ; April 28, 1938
[# 5-8]
Jonah Jones - tp
Benny Carter - as
Ben Webster - ts
Teddy Wilson - p
John Kirby - b
Cozy Cole - dr
Nan Wynn - vc
Recorded in New York ; July 29, 1938
[# 9-12]
Teddy Wilson - p
Recorded in New York ; August 11, 1938
[# 13-14]
Harry James - tp
Benny Morton - tb
Edgar Sampson, Benny Carter - as
Lester Young , Herschel Evans - ts
Teddy Wilson - p
Albert Casey - g
Walter Page - b
Joe Jones - dr
Billie Holiday - vcl
Recorded in New York ; October 31, 1938
[# 15-18]
Same as above
Recorded in New York ; November 9, 1938
[# 19-22]
Bobby Hackett - cl
Trummy Young - tb
Toots Mondello, Ted Buckner - as
Bud Freeman, Chu Berry - ts
Teddy Wilson - p
Albert Casey - g
Milt[on] Hinton - b
Cozy Cole - dr
Billie Holiday - vcl
Recorded in New York ; November 28, 1938


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