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Joe Diorio - More Than Friends

Joe Diorio combines adventurous ways with solid mainstream jazz on his fifth album for the Italian label Ram. This recording session took place at the 13th Central Pennsylvania Jazz Festival, where Diorio was reunited with two playing partners, noted bass player Steve LaSpina and drummer Steve Bagby. On the adventurous side is "Drums Solo," which for about three minutes features Bagby's imaginative drum wizardry. Three minutes are the outside boundary of these solos before weary repetition sets in. Another out-of-the-ordinary piece is Diorio's "The Owl and the Bridge," with stark, sharp lines coming from the guitar over Bagby's flashing drums and cymbals. "O Grande Amor" better represents the performances this fine CD offers. Diorio states the melody with his clean-lined, non-smeary guitar technique, followed by a quite amazing display of LaSpina's ability to create strong melodic lines on the bass. The two take the last chorus as Diorio restates the melody with LaSpina providing the bottom. Bagby does his rhythm thing with the drums. There are, of course, variations of this approach on other cuts. But this is the basic line followed by the group and it's very listenable. Diorio's paean to one of his major influences, Jim Hall, is a testimonial not only to the guitarist's composing prowess, but the collaborative improvisational instincts shown by each member of the group as they work through this piece. "Just Friends" is the CD's swinger, again with LaSpina taking honors with his lyrical way with the bass. This is an unusual format for a guitar trio in that there is no leader with the two members in support. Each member gets the same billing and about equal amount of time to show off their talents in solo.
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Joe Diorio
More Than Friends


1 Just Friends (Klenner, Lewis)  6:58
2 Blues for Jim Hall (Diorio)  5:30
3 These Foolish Things (Link, Marvell, Strachey)  4:54
4 The Owl and the Bridge (Diorio)  5:30
5 Eclipse (La Spina)  3:53
6 Drums Solo (Bagby)  3:03
7 Lovely Afternoon (Diorio)  3:59
8 The Man I Love (Gershwin, Gershwin)  6:47
9 O Grande Amor (Jobim)  8:27
10 I Love You Too ! (Diorio)  8:13


Joe Diorio - g
Steve La Spina - b
Steve Bagby - dr

Recorded at Bill Wray's Skyline Studio in Mechanisburg (Pa) ; June 8, 1993.


JotaGrande420Man said...

Thank you for posting some of Joe's stuff! It's generally very hard to come by.

You wouldn't happen to have a copy of "Rare Birds" with Joe & Mick Goodrick that you'd be willing to post, would you? It's literally (almost) impossible to find.

Thanks again, either way.

deGallo said...

A very nice blog with great music. I have had no trouble opening any files so far until I got to this one and I Remember You. The extensions are numbered 001, 002 etc. When I remove those, leaving the 7z extension the message is that the files are corrupted and will not open. Any suggestions? Thanks for a great blog.

Melanchthon said...

Hello deGallo. You have to download the four links. The number at the end of the archives .001, 002, 003, etc., works fine if you open the first archive : .001, then all the files come behind. It don’t work when you try to open the number .002, for example, but it’s quite usual : because you have to open the number 1 solely. Don’t touch the rest. Tell me how it works.
Regards. Mel.

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First of all, thank you so much for the Hank Jones Trios. Beautiful stuff. Those ended in 7z and worked just fine for me. I agree with DeGallo though that having files end in a number (for example the Dorio cd), not a file type is strange and may effect some listeners. I have a Mac that's still operating 10.3.9 and so I'm limited to a free 7z decoder called EZ 7z. It works for most 7z files, but for some reason not ones that end in numbers.

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