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Howard Roberts - The Magic Band Live at Donte's

Given the quasi-commercial nature of Robert's recordings for Capitol (as good as they were) the record buying public never really had the opportunity to hear what a hard swinger he was. And, while Roberts achieved praise and recognition from players as diverse as Clint Strong and Steve Morse for such albums as Dirty Guitar Player (Capitol SM1961) and Color Him Funky (Capitol T1887) these cuts, recorded around the same period (1968) and with a similar personnel reveal an altogether more adventurous and hard-hitting player. None of the CDs 5 cuts are weak and the sound quality is particularly good, given the circumstances of the recording. Highlights include a blistering "When Sunny Gets Blue", great melodic chord work on "Shiny Stockings" and the hard-hitting 'Take No Prisoners' introduction to Cole Porter's "All of You". The CD liner notes are beautifully presented and the 3 previously unpublished photographs of Roberts show him to be the very personification of a jazz guitarist. Indispensable ! 

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Howard Roberts
The Magic Band Live at Donte's


1 All of You (Porter)  13:30
2 Shiny Stockings (Foster)  15:50
3 All Blues (Davis)  12:40
4 Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Burke, Van Heusen)  12:26
5 When Sunny Gets Blue (Fisher, Segal)  17:17


Howard Roberts - g
Steve Bohannon - org
Tom Scott - as, ss & ts
Chuck Berghofer - b
John Guerin - dr

Recorded live at Donte's, Los Angeles ; July, 1968


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