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Django Reinhardt 1949 (2)-1950 (1) - Intégrale, vol. 18

I'll never be the same... It was time to part. And this was a particularly crucial parting as Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli were never to play together again, at least on disc or on the radio. Perhaps they still had the odd musical get together for nostalgia's sake, but if this were the case, it must have been on the sly. Of course, if the jaws of death hadn't snapped up Django so early, indeed it is now fifty years back, if Django had enjoyed the same longevity as Stéphane, the chances are high that they would have teamed up again before the public, the mikes or on a TV set. In 1952, however, the guitarist was not ready for reconciliation. Or was it in 1951 (the violonist always muddled his dates) when Stéphane returned from London expressly to ask his ex-accomplice if he would care to join him in an extensive US tour ? As the story goes, Django refused categorically and showed him the dorr ! This was their ultimate encounter, Stéphane Grappelli's last recollection of Django Reinhardt...
Adapted by Laure WRIGHT from the French text of Daniel NEVERS

Django Reinhardt
I'll Never Be The Same
The Complete Django Reinhardt, vol. 18


Cd. 1

(Rome Sessions - 1949)
1 Just a Gigolo (Caesar, Casucci)  3:28
2 El Manisero (Peanuts-Vendor) (Simons)  3:55
3 Troublant Boléro (Reinhardt)  3:38
4 Rosetta (Hines, Woods)  2:58
5 Blue Skies (Berlin)  4:08
6 It might as Well be Spring (Rodger, Hammerstein II)  4:02
7 Blue Lou (Sampson)  3:12
8 I’ll Never be the Same (Malneck, Signorelli)  4:03
9 Brazil (Barroso)  2:52
10 What a Difference a Day Made (Grover, Adams)  3:34
11 Pigalle (Ulmer, Roger)  2:44

(Maurice Chevalier Radio Show - 1949)
12 Annonce / Night and Day (Porter) / désannonce  5:10

(Radio - 1949)
13 Nuages (Reinhardt)  4:06
14 Black Night (diminishing) (Reinhardt)  4:06
15 Danse norvégienne n°2 (Grieg - arr. Reinhardt) 2:46
16 Micro (mike) (Reinhardt)  2:31
17 Dream of You (Lunceford, Oliver, Moran)  2:39
18 Place de Brouckère (Reinhardt)  3:13
19 Manoir de mes Rêves (Reinhardt)  3:30
20 C Jam Blues  2:34


Cd. 2

(Rome Sessions - 1950)
1 Anniversary Song (Ivanovici, Jolson, Chaplin)  4:20
2 Stormy Weather (Arlen, Koehler)  4:09
3 Two Russian Melodies (Trad.)  4:09
4 Jerzey bounce (Wright, Plater, Mills)  4:02
5 Dinette (dinah) (Akst - arr. Reinhardt)  2:56
6 Sophisticated Lady (Ellington, Parrish, Mills)  4:02
7 Micro (mike) (Reinhardt)  2:37
8 Dream of You (Lunceford, Oliver, Moran)  2:55
9 Nuages (Reinhardt)  4:02
10 The darktown Strutters’ ball (Brooks)  2:47
11 Danse norvégienne n°2 (Grieg - arr. Reinhardt)  3:07
12 A-tisket A-tasket (Feldman, Fitzgerald)  3:03
13 Manoir de mes rêves (Reinhardt)  3:17
14 Place de Bouckère (Reinhardt)  2:53
15 September song (Weill, Anderson)  2:53
16 Royal garden blues (Williams)  2:36
17 Saint Louis blues (Handy)  4:03
18 Sweet Georgia Brown (Pinkard, Bernie, Casey)  3:51
19 Minor swing (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:23
20 Double scotch (double whisky) (Reinhardt)  2:51


Featuring Django Reinhardt, Stéphane Grappelli, Aurelio de Carolis, Gianni Safred, Carlo Pecori, Maurice Chevalier, André Ekyan, François Vermeille, Jean Bouchety, Ralph Schécroun, Roger Paraboschi, etc...

Recorded between January 1949 & April and/or May 1950

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