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Django Reinhardt 1949 (1) - Intégrale, vol. 17

To resume the last few chapters : As from the late thirties, Django Reinhardt enjoyed great renown among both French and foreign musicians and enthousiasts, more so than average jazzman. During the war and Occupation, this renown became pure popularity, turning the pround Gypsy guitarist into a star in his own rights, in the same manner as Edith Piaf, Charles Trénet or Tino Rossi. Liberation saw the return of American jazz musicians and the arrival of new style called be-bop, distincly modifying the course of matters. Naturally, from 1945 to 1947, work did not slatcken off, what with the GI's fascination ans Stéphane Grappelli' return, international tours, wich could again be organised, Django's contract with Duke Ellington and there was an abundance of recording sessions and radio slots. And yet Django began to show signs of discontentement...
Adapted by Laure WRIGHT from the French text of Daniel NEVERS

Django Reinhardt
La Mer
The Complete Django Reinhardt, vol 17


Cd. 1


1 Djangology (Reinhardt) 2’43
2 Liza (Gershwin)
3 (I love you) for Sentimental Reasons (Best) 3’24
4 Daphné (Reinhardt) 2’21
5 La Mer (Trénet) 2’31
6 Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Pinkard, Casey) 4’15
7 Lover man (Ramirez, Davies, Sherman) 3’08
8 Marie (Berlin) 2’50
9 Stormy Weather (Arlen, Koehler) 3’27
10 Minor Swing (Reinhardt, Grappelli) 2’36
11 To Each his Own (Livingstone, Evans) 3’42
12 What is this Thing Called Love ? (Porter) 3’49
13 Où es-tu mon amour ? (Stern)
14 Undecided (Shavers) 2’58
15 Improvisation n° 4 (sic) (Reinhardt) 2’07
16 Swing 42 (Reinhardt) 2’25
17 I Surrender Dear (Barris, Clifford, Crosby) 3’40
18 After You’ve Gone (Creamet, Layton) 3’00
19 I Got Rhythm (Gershwin) 2’42
20 I Saw Stars (Sigler, Goodhart, Hoffman) 3’33


Cd. 2


1 Artillerie lourde (Reinhardt) 3’40
2 It’s only a Paper Moon (Arlen, Rose, Harburg) 2’47
3 Time on My Hands (Youmans, Adamson, Gordon) 2’44
4 Bricktop (Reinhardt, Grappelli) 3’43
5 Improvisation sur l’andante de la symphonie n° 6 de Tchaikovsky (Tchaikovsky) 3’39
6 My Blue Heaven (Whiting, Donaldson) 3’28
7 Ménilmontant (Trenet) 3’02
8 Swing Guitars (Reinhardt, Grappelli) 2’50
9 My Melancholy Baby (Burnett, Norton, Bergman) 3’29
10 Webster (Reinhardt) 1’57
11 Micro (Mike) [version 1] (Reinhardt) 2’15
12 Micro (Mike) [version 2] (Reinhardt) 2’19
13 Dream of You (Lunceford, Oliver) 4’05
14 Begin the Beguine (Porter) 3’43
15 How High the Moon (Lewis, Hamilton) 3’38
16 Nuages [version 1] (Reinhardt) 3’25
17 I can’t Get Started (Duke, Gershwin) 3’50
18 I Can’t Give you Anything but Love (McHugh, Fields) 3’38
19 Manoir de mes Rêves (Reinhardt) 3’24
20 The Man I Love (Gershwin) 3’15


Django Reinhardt - g
Stéphane Grappelli - vl
Gianni Safred - p
Carlo Pecori - b
Aurelio de Carolis - dr

Recorded in Rome in the National Italian Radio Studio (RAI) ; between January & February 1949


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