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Cantando the Bossa Nova

One of the few albums ever cut by singer Vi Velasco and a great vocal follow-up to the Zoot Sims bossa albums on Colpix ! Zoot plays tenor on this record too mixing his solos with Vi's vocals in a style that's like the interplay between Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto with a similar blend of American jazz and Brazilian roots ! Arrangements are by Al Cohn and Manny Albam and the players also include Marky Markowitz on trumpet and Jim Hall on guitar who brings in some nice Brazilian flavors on his instrument. Titles include "Recado", "Tu E Eu", "Sem Saudades De Voce", "Exactamente Como Tu", "Nao Branques Com O Amor", and "Tenho Ritmo" many of which are bossa versions of familiar tunes.
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Vi Velasco
Cantando Bossa Nova
(with Zoot Sims and His Orchestra)


1 I Got Rhythm (Tenho Ritmo) (Gershwin, Gershwin)  4:07
2 Recado Bossa Nova (The Mesage)  (Webster, Antonio, Ferreira)  2:10
3 I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' (Eu Tenho Bastante de Nada)  (Gershwin, Gershwin, Heyward)  2:44
4 Zing Went the Strings of my Heart (As Coedas do Meu Coracao Slaram Zing)  (Henley)  2:35
5 Cheek to Cheek (Face Com Face) (Berlin)  3:30
6 And the Angles Sing (E Os Anjos Cantam) (Mercer, Elman)  2:21
7 Don't Fool with Love (Nao Branques ComO Amor) (Lehmann, Lebowsky)  2:12
8 You and I (Tu E Eu) (Wilson)  2:48
9 Don't Call Joe (Sem Saudades de Voce) Lehmann, Barbosa)  2:47
10 Exactly Like You (Exactamente Como Tu) (Fields, McHugh)  4:31


Vi Velasco - vc
Marky Markowitz - tp
Zoot Sims - ts
Jim Hall - g
Manny Albam & Al Cohn - arr
Rest unknown

Recorded at Columbia's 30th Street studio, New York City ; October 1 & 2, 1962


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