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Buddy DeFranco - Sweet & Lovely

Sweet and lovely — but plenty darn soulful too — and one of the excellent early 50s Verve dates that features the piano of Sonny Clark with the clarinet of Buddy DeFranco ! The album's got an even more unusual twist in that it features a bit of organ from Clark too — one of his only recordings on the instrument — as well as guitar from Tal Farlow on a number of tracks — another leading light of the fresh Verve sound of the 50s, really working some great music next to Buddy's horn. The stripped down sound is very nice — equal parts bop and swing, in that unique mode that made DeFranco one of the hippest players on his instrument at the time ! Titles include "Getting A Balance", "Old Black Magic", "Moe", and "What Can I Say".
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Buddy DeFranco
Sweet & Lovely


1 Getting a Balance (Clark, DeFranco)  9:01
2 That Old Black Magic (Arlen, Mercery)  6:43
3 They Say It's Wonderful (Berlin )  7:18
4 But Beautiful (Burke, VanHeusen)  4:38
5 The Nearness of You (Carmichael, Washington)  4:57
6 What an I Say Dear (After I Say I'm Sorry ?) (Donaldson, Lyman)  4:47
7 Moe (Clark)  4:07


Buddy DeFranco - cl
Sonny Clark - p & org
Tal Farlow - g [out on # 6 & 7]
Gene Wright - b
Bobby White - dr

Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; August 12 [# 1 & 2], 26 [# 3-5], 1955 ; & September 1, 1954 [# 6 & 7]


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