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Bobby Jaspar Featuring Dave Amram

Paris in the 50's : so many jazzmen in the capital ! Visitors also come from Belgium. Benoît Quersin and Fats Sadi were Belgian. Maurice Vander's grandfather was Flemish. His real name was Vanderschueren. But Bobby Jaspar was the most talented of them all. His jazz seemed to come from the West Coast of America. In Paris more than a few people appeciated "cool jazz", the new relaxed method of jazz playing. The "Brothers" set the example with the Woody Herman orchestra. The mellow intimacy of the language of Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Al Cohn, and Jimmy Giuffre could not help but create a following on the other side of the Atlantic. It was only natural for the Old Country jazzmen, as the movement was essentially a West Coast revival of the classic European music forms. On the first six tracks, Bobby Jaspar meets the saxophone player Don Rendell in Paris. The Englishman, who had made a name for himself with John Dankworth, had his own sextet across the Channel. The two players practice counterpoint and two-voice improvisation. Both expose mellow, tender phrases as their partners on the Coast do. A third person plays French horn, an unusual instrument in jazz. Claude Thornhill introduced it to his orchestra in the '40's. Along with Julius Watkins and John Graas, Dave Amram was the expert. He would later write for theater and cinema, compose serious works, cantatas, symphonic pieces. For the time being, he was playing jazz, bringing in some of his own melodies and adding an inimitable color to the sessions. A few weeks later, Bobby Jaspar went back into the studio...
Pierre de Chocqueuse (November, 1998), translation Victoria Rummler, from the booklet

Bobby Jaspar
Dave Amram


1 Pot Luck (Mandel)  5:48
2 Olympia (Chevalier)  5:16
3 Dave's Blues (Amram)  3:58
4 King Fish (Holman)  3:26
5 Thou Swell (Gershwin)  3:50
6 A Long Way from Home (Amram)  4:12
7 The Nearness of You (Carmichael)  3:53
8 Lover Man (Ramirez)  2:07
9 What's New ? (Haggart, Burke)  2:57
10 Teanga (Jaspar)  3:53
11 I Married an Angel (Rodgers, Hart)  3:19
12 Bed Time Story (Amram)  2:52
13 Hess Goes West (Amram)  3:17
14 Rue Mazarine (Amram)  3:02
15 Bird of Montparnasse (Amram)  2:47
16 Plays this Lowe with Me (Amram)  3:29
17 The Way You Look Tonight (Kern, Fields)  4:19
18 Occasion (Amram)  2:50


[# 1-6] Bobby Jaspar & Don Rendell - Recontre à Paris
Dave Amram -fr hrn
Bobby Jaspar - ts
Don Rendell - ts
Sacha Distel - g
Maurice Vander - p
Guy Pedersen - b
"Mac Kac" Reilles - dr
Recorded in Paris ; March 17, 1955
[# 7-10] Bobby Jaspar Plays "Gone with the Wind"
Dave Amram - fr hrn
Raymond Lefèvre - fl
Jean-Louis Chautemps - cl
Claude Foray - ob
Emile Debru - bsn
Bobby Jaspar - ts
Benoit Quersin - b
Jacques David - dr
Recorded in Paris ; June 6, 1955
[# 11, 13, 14, 16 & 18] Dave Amram & Bobby Jaspar Quintet
Dave Amram - fr hrn
Bobby Jaspar - fl & ts
Maurice Vander - p
Eddie de Haas - b
Jacques David - dr
Recorded in Paris ; July 4, 1955
[# 12, 15 & 17] Dave Amram & Bobby Jaspar Quintet
Same as above, except
Maurice Vander - hrpchrd [# 12 & 15]
Recorded in Paris ; July 5, 1955


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