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Wes Montgomery in Europe ('65)

This CD contains three complete rare live sessions featuring West Montgomery during his triumphal European tour in the spring of 1965. In the first ten tracks the guitarist is accompanied by his regular trio from that period, which included Harold Mabern on piano, Arthur Harper on bass, and Jimmy Lovelace on drums. The other four tracks was interpreted by Montgomery accompanied by the Martial Solal Trio, featuring in the last title the great tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin. Includes the complete TV shows : "Jazz Prisma", Belgium, April 1965 ; "Jazz 625", London, March 1965 ; & the famous concert : Hamburg, Germany, April, 1965, featuring Harold Mabern, Martial Solal and Johnny Griffin.

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Wes Montgomery
Live in Belgium
(in... England, and in... Germany)


1 Impressions (Coltrane) 3:32
2 Twisted Blues (Montgomery) 5:28
3 Here's That Rainy Day (Burke, VanHeusen) 7:12
4 Jingles (Montgomery) 3:57
5 The Boy Next Door (Blane, Martin) 3:53
6 Yesterdays (Harbach, Kern) 3:33
7 Full House (Montgomery) 5:29
8 'Round Midnight (Hanighen, Monk, Williams) 7:56
9 Twisted Blues (Montgomery) 6:53
10 Jingles (Montgomery) 5:14
11 Here's That Rainy Day (Burke, VanHeusen) 8:10
12 Four on Six (Montgomery) 6:10
13 Twisted Blues (Montgomery) 5:09
14 Blue Monk (Monk) 6:22


[# 1-5]
Wes Montgomery - g
Harold Mabern - p
Arthur Harper - b
Jimmy Lovelace - dr
Recorded in Belgium ; April 1965 (TV broadcast, 'Jazz Prisma', Universal Studio, Brussels, Belgium, March, 1965)
[# 6-10] Same as above.
Recorded in London, England ; March 1965
(TV broadcast, 'Jazz 625', BBC-TV Center, London, England, March 25, 1965)
[# 11-14]
Wes Montgomery with the Martial Solal Trio :
Wes Montgomery - g
Martial Solal - p
Michel Gaudry - b
Ronnie Stephenson - dr
Recorded in Hamburg (TV broadcast), Germany ; April 1965.

(NB) Tracks 11-14 are a part (in Quartet only) of the "Wes Montgomery Live In Europe" (Philology [It] W 97-2)


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