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Wes Montgomery & Clark Terry in Holland (1965)

When jazz great Joe Pass was asked who the last guitar innovator was, he didn't even hesitate : "Wes Montgomery. There hasn't been anything really new since then. To me there have only been three real innovators on the guitar — Wes, Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt."
Wes Montgomery revolutionized the sound of jazz guitar. His rich tone, impeccable phrasing, and sophisticated use of harmonic extensions set the benchmark for all jazz guitarists. In a remarkably brief time frame, this kind, modest man and magnificent musician, left a legacy of enormous distinction to the jazz community. He was one of the most original players of all time... The Jazz guitar of Wes Montgomery, deemed "the biggest, warmest, fattest sound on record", still reverberates today, years after his death. Without a doubt the most influential, widely admired jazz guitarist since Charlie Christian's heyday, Wes re-invented the instrument with his thumb-plucking technique, his innovative approach to playing octaves, and his inventive, masterful execution of complex lines. In the short span of a nine-years recording career, his name became synonymous with the jazz guitar.
The tunes were recorded live during his triumphal European tour in spring of 1965 and include the participation of the exceptional guest star, Clark Terry, with accompaniment by a local Dutch rhythm section... A must have for all Wes Montgomery fans.
John Flanagan from Wes Montgomery & the Billy Taylor Trio - LHJ10211 (booklet)

Wes Montgomery
Clark Terry

Straight, No Chaser


1 Straight, No Chaser (Monk)  8:05
2 Just Friends (Klenner)  9:01
3 In A Mellow Tone (Ellington)  14:37
4 Wes Got Rhythm (Montgomery)  8:12
5 The Theme* (Davis)  5:56


Wes Montgomery - g
Clark Terry - flgh

Pim Jacobs or Rob Franken* - p
Rudy Jacobs - b
Han Bennink - dr

Recorded at Vara Radio Studio 7 (Radio broadcast), Hilversum, Holland ; April 2, 1965


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