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Paul Moer Trio

A fine pianist, Paul Moer never gained a big name for himself and has long ago slipped into obscurity. Moer graduated from the University of Miami in 1951. He played with many West Coast musicians during the 1950's including Benny Carter, Vido Musso, Zoot Sims, Stan Getz, Bill Holman and Shorty Rogers. Moer worked in the studios (both as a pianist and as an arranger), toured Australia with Benny Carter in 1960, appeared on a few titles with Charles Mingus, recorded with Jack Montrose and John Graas, and cut a trio album in the late 1950's for Del Fi with bassist Jimmy Bond and drummer Frank Butler. He worked with Paul Horn (1960-63), Ruth Price and Buddy DeFranco but then little was heard of the pianist until he made a trio set for Fresh Sound in the 1990's of Elmo Hope tunes.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=11:difexqtgldse

The Contemporary
Jazz Classics of the 
Paul Moer


1 Azure Blues (Moer)  2:23
2 I Love Paris (Porter)  2:50
3 Cutie (Moer)  4:17
4 Short Politician (Moer)  2:32
5 To a Folk Song (Moer)  5:54
6 Moer or Less (Moer)  3:48
7 Mary Ann (Moer)  4:19
8 We'll Be Together Again (Fischer, Laine)  3:05
9 Our Waltz (Moer)  3:26
10 Untiled Melody (Moer)  5:03


Paul Moer - p
Jimmy Bond - b
Frank Butler - dr

Recorded in 1959
One of pianist Paul Moer's rare sessions as a leader (a date so obscure as to not even be listed in some discographies), this CD reissue from the Del Fi label features Moer in a trio with bassist Jimmy Bond and drummer Frank Butler. Best-known for his brief association with Charles Mingus, Moer plays quite well on ten songs, the majority of which are his compositions. Based on this thoughtful straightahead set alone, Paul Moer deserved much more recognition than he received.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:kzfuxqyhldse


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