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Joe Pass & Les McCann - Something Special

This edition contains all 1962 collaborations by Joe Pass and pianist Les McCann, who would continue working together the following year. Their 1962 output consists of their participation on Richard “Groove” Holmes LP Somethin' Special (Pacific Jazz PJ-ST51) and on McCann's own album On Time (Pacific Jazz PJ56). Both records appear here in their entirety, as well as two tracks from the second LP that were not included on the original album. As a bonus, the complete LP Back in Town ! (Pacific Jazz PJ54/World Pacific Jazz ST20150). Issued under the name of singer/guitarist Bumble Bee Slim (born Amos Easton), it consisted of two sessions, one featuring Pass, and the other featuring McCann.

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Joe Pass
Les McCann
Something Special
The 1962 Sessions


Cd. 1

1 Something Special (McCann)  9:14
2 Black Groove (McCann)  5:48
3 Me & Groove (McCann)  3:13
4 Comin' Through The Apple (McCann)  5:19
5 I Thought I Knew You (McCann)  6:32
6 Carma (McCann)  5:28
7 On Time (McCann)  4:20
8 Yours Is My Heart Alone (Hertzer, Lehar, Loehner)  4:49
9 This For Doug (Jefferson)  5:59
10 Fondue (McCann)  5:17
11 Bernie's Tune (Miller)  3:06
12 Maichen (Vinnegar)  4:37


Cd. 2

1 It Could Happen To You (Burke, VanHeusen)  5:06
2 You're Driving Me Crazy (Donaldson)  5:01
3 So What (Davis)  3:06
4 The Other Way (McCann)  4:51
5 Free At Pass... Thank God Allmighty... Free At Pass (McCann)  5:03
6 Meet Me In The Bottom (Easton)  3:25
7 In The Evening (Carr)  4:33
8 New B & O Blues (Easton)  2:44
9 Puppy Love (Easton)  5:02
10 Wake Up In The Mornin' (Easton)  2:46
11 Wee Baby Blues (Turner, Johnson)  5:52
12 I'm the One (Easton)  2:34
13 Direct South (Easton)  3:34
14 Driftin' Blues (Easton)  4:33
15 Midnight Special (Scott)  2:31


[cd. 1, # 1-6] "Somethin' Special" (Pacific Jazz PJ-ST51)
Clifford Scott - as & ts
Richard “Groove” Holmes - org
Joe Pass - g
Les McCann - p
Ron Jefferson - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; April 1962
[cd. 1, # 7-12, & cd. 2, # 1-5] "On Time" (Pacific Jazz PJ56)
Les McCann - p
Joe Pass - g
Leroy Vinnegar - b
Ron Jefferson - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; May-August 1962
[Cd. 2, # 6-15] "Back in Town !" (Pacific Jazz PJ54/World Pacific Jazz ST20150)
* [# 6-12] (Omit Les McCann)
Joe Pass - g
Curtis Amy - ts [out # 10]
Lou Blackburn - tb [# 8, 10 & 12 only]
Richard “Groove” Holmes - org
Bumble Bee Slim - vcl & g
Leroy Vinnegar - b
Ron Jefferson - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; April 1962
* [# 13-15] (Omit Joe Pass)
Les McCann - p
Bumble Bee Slim - vcl & g
Leroy Vinnegar - b
Ron Jefferson - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; April 26, 1962


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