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Jimmy Raney '81

While the 1940s and 50s frequently found Jimmy [Raney] in the limelight (and the recording studios), the 1960s, when ironically the guitar enjoyed an amazing boom, were bleak. For a long time he remained is native Louisville, teaching but often working outside music. Happily, he returned to activity in the 1970s with a series of fine recordings, impressive club and concert appearances in the USA and several successful excursions to Europe plus a trip to Japan.
One of the key figures in bringing Jimmy back in Europe after an absence of 22 years was the Dutch jazz enthusiast Gerry Tekens who had admired Raney for so long from afar. A school teacher by profession, Gerry turned promoter to organise Jimmy's Continental excursions in 1976 and the following year. Then, in the early part of 1981, Jimmy was back in Holland for yet another busy visit — five weeks of solid playing mostly to the Netherlands' audiences who regard him so highly.
Gerry feels tat the 1981 Raney 'season' worked out especially well because Jimmy had the assistance of a hand-picked group and was at the top of is personal form. It was not nepotism that pesuaded Jim to call up his 25-year-old son Doug to add a second guitar voice to the group. Doug, mainly based in Scandinavia these days, is emerging as a stylist in his own right and in that regard is continuing a family tradition. Father and son achieve a very special empathetic bled...
Mark Gardner (Jazz Journal International), from the booklet

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Jimmy Raney


1 What is this Thing Called Love ? (Porter)  5:37
2 This is New (Weil)  5:58
3 My Shining Hour (Arlen, Mercer)  7:26
4 Peri's Scope (Evans)  5:12
5 Sweet and Lovely (Arnheim Tobias, Lemare)  6:26
6 Chewish Chive and English Brick (Raney)  5:45
7 If I Should Lose You (Robin, Raingers)  6:35
8 What is this Thing Called Love ? [alt. take] (Porter)  5:37
9 Peri's Scope [alt. take] (Evans)  5:23
10 My Shining Hour [alt. take] (Arlen, Mercer)  4:58
11 Sweet and Lovely [alt. take] (Arnheim Tobias, Lemare)  6:28
12 If I Should Lose You [alt. take] (Robin, Raingers)  6:34
13 Chewish Chive and English Brick  [alt. take] (Raney)  4:48


Jimmy Raney - g
Doug Raney - g
Jesper Lundgaard - b
Eric Ineke - dr

Recorded at Fendal Sound Studio, Netherlands ; February 27, 1981


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