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Jim Hall with Tom Harrell

This 1988 studio date is one of the overlooked treasures in the considerable discography of Jim Hall, possibly due to the label's low-key promotion and less than eye-catching cover art. It is easy why to understand why artists like Art Farmer and Paul Desmond omitted a pianist after hearing a release such as this one, because it would only clutter Hall's soft yet complete accompaniment. Joined by Tom Harrell (heard mostly on fluegelhorn), bassist Steve LaSpina, and drummer Joey Baron, this CD is a delight from start to finish. The interaction of the musicians in the opener, a lively, waltzing "With a Song in My Heart," makes it sound like they have been a working unit for years. The well-conceived arrangement of "Where or When," which Hall dedicated to Basie guitarist Freddie Green (who died the year prior to the sessions), proves to be the most captivating track, with its understated yet consummately swinging air. Hall contributed the tense "Cross Court," a smoking post-bop vehicle, a pulsing calypso written originally for his 1985 Montreux concert with Michel Petrucciani and Wayne Shorter, as well as the haunting ballad "These Rooms," which opens with Harrell's melancholy unaccompanied trumpet solo, and has an abstract solo by the leader. "Something Tells Me" is a lovely bittersweet ballad by Jane Hall (Jim's wife, a talented composer whose work he has often recorded), featuring Hall and Harrell. Hall's unaccompanied take of Duke Ellington's "All Too Soon" makes one wonder why he has never recorded a entire CD of guitar solos.
Ken Dryden

Source :

Jim Hall
Tom Harrell
These Rooms
(Denon, 1988)


1 With a Song in My Heart (Rodgers, Hart)  8:26
2 Cross Court (Hall)  5:15
3 Something Tells Me (Hall)  5:13
4 Bimini (Hall)  9:20
5 All Too Soon (Ellington, Sigman)  4:02
6 These Rooms (Hall)  11:28
7 Darn That Dream (De Lange, Van Heusen)  4:08
8 My Funny Valentine (Rodgers, Hart)  6:25
9 Where or When (Rodgers, Hart)  5:51
10 From Now On (Harrell)  7:08


Tom Harrell - flgh & tp
Jim Hall - g
Steve LaSpina - b
Joey Baron - dr

Recorded at Sorcerer Sound, New York City ; February, 9-10, 1988


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