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Jim Hall - Three

The Jim Hall Trio, on this occasion, finds the guitarist joined by two veterans, bassist Steve LaSpina (a veteran of many of Hall's sessions) and drummer Akira Tana. Hall, as usual, solos in his unique economical style and leaves plenty of breathing room for the music. "Skylark" is initiated with a very sparse yet lyrical Hall solo before LaSpina and Tana eventually join him; he takes a similar approach to "Poor Butterfly," but he remains unaccompanied throughout this masterful performance. A time tested standard like "All the Things You Are" is given a facelift with the leader's roller coaster arrangement, which is full of sudden turns. But it is the leader's originals that demand the most attention; the lively "Bottlenose Blues" marks Hall's recording debut on a 12-string guitar, while the playful "Hide and Seek" darts in and out much like its title implies. "And I Do," which is based somewhat on the changes to "I Should Care," is yet another intricate chart, while "Three" is a captivating waltz. This is another gem from one of the deans of modern jazz guitar.
Ken Dryden

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Jim Hall
Jim Hall's Three


1 Hide and Seek (Hall)  4:06
2 Skylark (Carmichael, Mercer)  7:11
3 Bottlenose Blues (Hall)  4:35
4 And I Do (Hall)  5:04
5 All the Things You Are (Hammerstein, Kern)  4:59
6 Poor Butterfly (Golden, Hubbell)  5:57
7 Three (Hall)  8:48


Jim Hall - g
Steve LaSpina - b
Akira Tana - dr

Recorded and Remixed at Penny Lane Studios, New York City ; January 1986.


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