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Emils Gilels Plays Bach, Haydn, Clementi, Rameau...

For a recital he gave in December 1960 in the Great Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, the deeply lamented pianist, Emil Gilels, chose a programm that was a tempory departure from the masters of the 19th and the 20th centuries, of whom he was the champion par excellence. From Scarlatti, the Spaniard by adpotion, to Muzio Clementi by way of Rameau, Carl-Philipp-Emmanuel Bach and Haydn, this native of Odessa seemed intent on presenting a musical demonstration of the family tree of his instrument.
The exception that proves the rule - albeit in a very relative way — was represented in this concert by Ferroccio Busoni's transcription of J.-S. Bach's Prelude and Fugue BWV 532. We are acquainted with the ample and spectacular adaptations of works by the Leipzig Cantor produced by the composer of Doktor Faustus ; they were milestones in the early yars of the century, as Shostakovitch's Preludes and Fugues were in the early fifties. In his playing of Bach reviewed by Busoni, Gilels strove to emphasize the eternity of his art, the timeless emotion emitted by the Well-Tempered Clavier.
I referred to the family tree of the piano. In the same way as the five composers slected that evening by the Soviet virtuoso deposited the sediments of the art of the romantic and modern keyboard, a programm of this was entirely in the spirit in which concerts were formerly planned. One recalls those of one of the most sons of Kiev, the facetious Vladimir Horowitz, which consisted of an accumulation of short pieces, savory titbits served up for the delectation of the audience, short sonatas interspersed with bravura pieces ! An did not Alexander Brailowsky and Myra Hess favour the same sort of thing ?
Gilel's selection has the additional merit of pointing that the history of musical forms, at least as regards those for the piano, was shaped by craftsmen whom the names of Mozart, Beethoven or Chopin have no right to eclipse. The evolution of an art is the outcome of the crystallization of a substantial number of tendencies and ramifications. It consists more of additions and sums than of substractions. Domenico Scarlatti, called in his time "the coryphaeus of harpsichordists", desmonstrated this in his 555 Sonatas, seven of which Gilels performed in this Moscow recital...
Philippe Olivier, from the booklet

Emils Gilels
Bach, Haydn
Clementi, Rameau...


Cd. 1

Johann-Sebastian Bach

1 Prelude & Fugue in D, BWV 532  13:12
(Transcription by Busoni)

Domenico Scarlatti

Piano Sonatas
2 In D minor, L. 422  4:30
3 In F, L. 116  4:26
4 In D minor, L. 423  2:10
5 In F minor  L. 118  3:54
6 In A, L. 395  2:47
7 In B minor, L. 449  4:14
8 In G, L. 487  2:24

Carl-Philipp-Emmanuel Bach

Piano Sonata in A, (Wq 65)
9 I. Allegro con brio  8:57
10 II. Poco adagio  5:37
11 III. Allegro vivace  4:29


Cd. 2

 Franz-Joseph Haydn

Piano Sonata n°33 in C minor, Hob XVI.20
1 I. Allegro moderato  10:05
2 II. Andante con moto  7:33
3 III. Finale. Allegro  4:43

Muzio Clementi

Piano Sonata in C, Op. 34 n° 1
4 I. Allegro con spirito  7:29
5 II. Un poco Andante  6:11
6 III. Finale. Allegro  4:13

Jean-Philippe Rameau

7 La ViIlageoise  1:59
8 Tambourin  1:33


Emil Gilels - p

Recorded in performance, Great Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow ; December, 1960 ; & Concert Hall of the Leningrad Philharmony ; Leningrad ; January, 1968 [Cd. 1, # 1]


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