Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Flute Mastery Of Frank Wess (aka Flute Juice)

An all-flute album from Frank Wess – a great small combo date that really gets at the lyrical modes in Frank's style ! Wess had been playing flute on record for over 20 years by the time of this early 80s date – but there's a really special feeling to the album that brings out some of Frank's more sensitive, personal qualities – a mode that's quite free from the Basie-tinged work of his youth, and awash with wonderful colors and tones that really show a great deal of development on his instrument. Wess would often balance a bit of tenor on most sessions alongside the flute – but here, it's almost as if his continued focus on flute allows things to be even more expressive than usual. CD features four bonus alternate takes, too !
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Frank Wess
Flute Mastery of Frank Wess
(aka Flute Juice)
(with bonus tracks) 


1 Lover Come back to Me (Hammerstein, Romberg)  6:17
2 Spring is Here (Rodgers, Hart)  5:59
3 Riled Up (Wess)  5:05
4 There is no Greater Love (Jones, Symes)  6:26
5 Nada Mas (Wess)  5:15
6 Battle Royal (Ellington)  5:37
7 Lover Come back to Me [take 1] (Hammerstein, Romberg)  6:36
8 Spring is Here [take 1] (Rodgers, Hart)  5:45
9 There is no Greater Love [take 3] (Jones, Symes)  6:46
10 Nada Mas [take 1] (Wess)  4:54


Frank Wess - fl
Tommy Flanagan - p
Chuck Wayne - g
George Mraz - b
Ben Riley - dr

Recorded at RCA Recording Studio B 110 West 44th St., New York ; April 8, 1981


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