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Sonny Stitt, Bud Powell & J.J. Johnson

This superb CD reissues the complete output of three classic bop sessions including five "new" alternate takes. Sonny Stitt (who plays tenor throughout) is heard in a quintet with trombonist J.J. Johnson, pianist John Lewis, bassist Nelson Boyd and drummer Max Roach (playing three Johnson compositions and the original version of John Lewis's "Afternoon in Paris") and in a quartet with the great pianist Bud Powell, bassist Curly Russell and Max Roach. The latter two sessions are highlighted by rapid versions of "All God's Chillun Got Rhythm," "Strike up the Band" and "Fine and Dandy." Highly recommended music
Scott Yanow

Sonny Stitt
Bud Powell
J.J. Johnson


1 All God's Chillun Got Rhythm (Jurman, Kahn, Kaper)  2:57
2 Sonny Side (Stitt)  2:21
3 Bud's Blues (Stitt)  2:32
4 Sunset (Stitt)  3:44
5 Fine and Dandy* [take 1] (James, Swift)  2:39
6 Fine and Dandy* [take 2] (James, Swift)  2:38
7 Strike Up the Band* (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:26
8 I Want to Be Happy* (Caesar, Youmans)  3:09
9 Taking a Chance on Love* (Duke, Fetter, Latouche)  2:32
10 Afternoon in Paris [take 2] (Lewis)  3:03
11 Elora [take 2] (Johnson)  3:03
12 Teapot [take 2] (Johnson)  3:44
13 Blue Mode [take 1] (Johnson)  3:45
14 Blue Mode [take 2] (Johnson)  2:50
15 Afternoon in Paris [take 2] (Lewis)  3:05
16 Elora [take 1] (Johnson)  3:04
17 Teapot [take 1] (Johnson)  2:44


[# 1-9]
Sonny Stitt - ts
Bud Powell - p
Curley Russell - b
Max Roach - dr
Recorded in New York City ; December 11, 1949 ; & January 26, 1950*
[# 10-17]
Sonny Stitt - ts
J. J. Johnson - tb
John Lewis - p
Nelson Boyd - b
Max Roach - dr
Recorded in New York City ; October 17, 1950


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