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Miles Davis - Water Babies

Every morning, about an hour before sunrise, the day breaks gradually, with little noticeable fanfare. It’s the best time of day outdoors. The nighttime goblins have gone to their hiding places, loud day creatures have yet to rise, and it’s just us with the cool morning mist and that dim kind of landscape that lets us see only what we want to see.

When Water Babies was recorded in 1967 and 1968, Miles Davis had with him one his best working units. His and Wayne Shorter’s compositions allowed for soothing impressionism without losing sight of straight-ahead jazz. Changes would come later. Here, we find Davis and Shorter sharing their clear tonal concepts through wide-open horns and timeless, acoustic moods. In June 1967, the band’s round sound included Herbie Hancock on acoustic piano. By November 1968, the switch was made to electric piano. To capture the album’s mood, Hancock and Chick Corea expressed the instrument with a water lily kind of gentle touch. Spare and lyrical, the music brings relaxed delight with every listen. Added to this reissue is “Splash,” a funky affair that was originally issued on a different album in a slightly different form. Here, the two-keyboard introduction is included, and the song’s connection to “Dual Mr. Anthony Tillmon Williams Process” cannot now be overlooked. Taken together, the final two tracks signal a change was then about to take place in the Miles Davis ensemble sound.
Jim Santella

Source : http://www.allaboutjazz.com/water-babies-miles-davis-columbia-records-review-by-jim-santella.php

Miles Davis
Water Babies


1 Water Babies (Shorter)  5:06
2 Capricorn (Shorter)  8:27
3 Sweet Pea (Shorter)  7:59
4 Two Faces (Shorter)  18:01
5 Dual Mr. Anthony Tillmon Williams Process (Davis)  13:20
6 Splash (Davis)  10:25


[# 1-3]
Miles Davis - tp
Wayne Shorter - ts
Herbie Hancock - p
Ron Carter - b
Tony Williams - dr
[# 4-6]
Miles Davis - tp
Wayne Shorter - ts
Chick Corea & Herbie Hancock - el. p
Dave Holland - b
Tony Williams - dr

Recorded at Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York City ; June 7 [# 1], June 13 [# 2] & June 23, 1967 [# 3] ; & at Columbia Studio B, New York City ; November 11 [# 4 & 5] & November 12 [# 6], 1968


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