Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Let's Have a Session with Billy Bauer

When I was asked to write "liner-notes" about this record, I hesitated. What does one write about liner-notes ? Who reads them anyway ? Perhaps because this disc is such an unusual one someone may read these notes. I examinated other liner-notes of the backs of other records jackets. These run the gamut from serious-sounding pedantry to ridiculously boastful blurbs. So, what can I tell about this record ?
Should I mention that Charlie Mack, owner of Ad Lib Records, is a nice guy with a burning desire to produce a fine background record using the combined efforts of several of the best rhythm-men in the business ? Should I inform you that you can blow or sing to your heart's content against a background of modern progressions on some of the best jazz-tunes ?
What can I tell you about Billy Bauer the leader of this group ? Billy probably came  to your attention first as guitarist with one of Woody Herman's greatest herds in the early forties. Later he achieved even greater prominence as a soloist and contrapuntal collaborator with Lennie Tristano. Billy won the Metronome All Star Poll for five consecutive years and the Downbeat for two.
What about Don Lamond ? Don is a very versatile drummer who also played with Woody. Don lays down a beat for you as he has for all of the great musicians with whom he has played.
The pianist with this group is Tony Aless. He is another Woody Hermann alumnus, who has played with more bands and combos than I could list on this whole liner.
Do I need to tell you anything about Arnold Fishkin ? He has been on the jazz scene for many years. Arnold has in recent years played and recorded with both Lennie Tristano and Lee Konitz. If you dig his bass line on these sides they will tell you all you need to know about him.
The tunes on this record [...] are played in the keys used by most jazz musicians. You can have a session all by yourself or with your friends any time you wish. Most of all, wether you dig hi, low, or no fi, you ought to get plenty of sheer pleasure out of this record and the idea behind it !
Michael Tristano (from the original liner notes)

Billy Bauer
Let's Have a Session


1 Somebody Loves Me (Gershwin)  2:38
2 September in the Rain (Dubin, Warren)  2:59
3 Ghost of a Chance (Young)  3:07
4 'S Wonderfull (Gershwin, Gershwin)  2:28
5 Easy Walkin' Blues (Bauer)  2:52
6 Out of Nowhere (Heyman, Green)  2:42
7 These Foolish Things (Maschwitz, Strachey)  3:16
8 (Back Home In) Indiana (Hanley)  2:22


Billy Bauer - g
Tony Aless - p
Arnold Fishkin - b
Don Lamond - dr

Recorded in New York City ; April 1955

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And thanks for this rather rare Billy Bauer 10" on Ad Lib.
Here are a few rare ones by Billy Bauer that were even overlooked by discogs:

Jazz Renaissance Quintet feat. George Barnes & Billy Bauer (Mercury SR 60605) 1961
Billy Bauer Anthology (Interplay IP-8603) 1987
George Barnes Guitar Galaxies (Wing SWR 16392)
The Metronome All-Star Bands RCA-Camden CDN-122)

A wonderful article on Billy Bauer can be found on

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