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Le Long des Rues with Henri Crolla

Lovely work from Henri Crolla — possibly France's greatest jazz guitarist in the post-Django Reinhardt years ! The package features a wealth of rare 50s material by Crolla — all of which perfectly showcase his sensitive, thoughtful approach to the guitar -- a sound that's almost a precursor of the styles that Baden Powell would record on the French scene a decade later, and a mode that uses the instrument in a much less rhythmically-driven way than some of Henri's predecessors. The first CD features two full albums recorded for the Vega label — Le Long des Rues and Bonsoir Chérie — both of which features Crolla's guitar in front of larger orchestrations, but backings that are still used with enough sensitivity to let the guitar come through strongly. Disc 2 starts with the haunting C'est pour toi que je joue album — a solo guitar set recorded in 1967, relatively early for the genre, and putting Crolla firmly in the company of Laurindo Almeida, Luiz Bonfa, and other Brazilian-bred soloists. The remainder of that disc features rare soundtrack work by Crolla (a key sub-category of his recording career) tracks from the films Histoire D'un Poisson Rouge, Voulez-vous danser avec moi, Montand et Mouloudji, and Saint-Tropez Blues. The package features a whopping 44 tracks in all, and is a great look at this overlooked genius !
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Henri Crolla
Le Long des Rues
(Jazz in Paris)


Cd. 1

1 A Paris Dans Chaque Faubourg (Joubert)  3:01
2 Sous Les Ponts De Paris (Scotto)  2:21
3 Sur Les Quais Du Vieux Paris (Erwin)  3:18
4 J’ai Deux Amours (Scotto)  2:06
5 Sous Les Toits De Paris (Moretti)  3:22
6 Paris Je T’Aime D’Amour (Schertzinger)  2:32
7 En Avril A Paris (Trenet, Eiger)  2:25
8 Revoir Paris (Trenet, Lasry)  2:31
Recorded in Paris, 1956.


9 Tout est permis quand on s’aime (Boyer, Heymann)  2’23
10 Le chaland qui passe (Parlami d'amore, Mariu) (Neri, Bixio)  2’53
11 Si jolie (Marnay, Gérard)  2:56
12 Ramona (Wolfe Gilbert, Wayne, Heymann)  2:19
13 My melancholy Baby (Norton, Burnett)  2:38
14 Little White Lies (Donaldson)  2:38
15 Vous qui passez sans me voir (Poterat, Sylviano)  2:40
16 Premier rendez-vous (Rougeul, Crolla, Laurence)  2:58
17 Amour, mon cher amour (Rougeul, Crolla, Laurence)  2:58
18 Rose-Marie (Harbach, Hammerstein II)  2:23
19 Poinciana (Bernier, Simon)  3:27
20 Bonsoir chérie (Goodnight Sweetheart) (Noble, Campbell, Connelly, Valles)  2:42
Recorded in Paris, 1957.

Cd. 2

1 O Guitares (Crolla)  1:31
2 Porte de Choisy (Crolla)  2:13
3 Sérénade à une Parisienne (Crolla)  1:29
4 Gas-oil (Crolla)  1:26
5 Les deux Plumes (Crolla)  1:32
6 Improvisation I (Crolla)  2:42
7 Mon Chien (Crolla, Hodeir)  1:35
8 Léon la Lune (Crolla)  1:35
9 Paradis (Crolla)  2:28
10 La Chapelle (Crolla)  1:41
11 Saint Paul De Vence (Crolla)  3:08
12 Blues II (Crolla)  3:05
13 Improvisation II (Crolla)  2:26
Recorded in Paris, 1957



Saint-Tropez Blues (1960)
14 Saint-Tropez Blues (Danzas, Crolla)  3:19
15 Tumbleweed (Prévert, Crolla)  2:21

Le Bonheur est pour demain (1960)
16 Générique (Crolla)  3:47
17 Alain & Annie (Crolla)  1:09
18 Fugue (Crolla)  1:22
19 Souvenir d’Henri (Crolla, Hodeir)  3:08

Histoire d’un poisson rouge (1959)
20 Loterie (Crolla, Hodeir)  3:44
21 Usine (Crolla, Hodeir)  2:46

Voulez-vous danser avec moi ? (1959)
22 Voulez-vous danser avec moi ? (Crolla, Hodeir)  3:08

Chanson pour Montand et Mouloudji (1958-59)
23 Monsieur Petit Louis (Simonin, Crolla)  3:51
24 Paris au coeur tendre (Camus, Crolla)  2:33


Henri Crolla - g
Accompanied by a large Orchestra (cd1

Recorded in Paris, between 1956 & 1957

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