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Jimmy Raney - The Master

Entry to the select Pantheon of Jazz Masters requires more than mere mastery of an instrument. It may be a vital prerequisite fulfilment of expression, but technical wizardry alone is hollow. Indeed, Thelonious Monk achieved mastery of his piano — and jazz itself — whithout conventional technique, and he is not alone in the annals of the music.
Clearly, a Jazz Master must become proficient in other skills. Mastery of melody is important, but not a sine qua non, even though every generation of jazz musicians has counted men with such a gift among its leaders. The design of a solo, its melodic shapes and the way they interact and develop — all these skills must be mastered in order to maximise expressiveness.
But all musical forms are founded on such facility, so the individuality that is vital to a Jazz Master requires additional gifts.
Most obvious is timbre — the characteristic 'voice' the great jazz musician invests in his instrument and hence in all his work. Equally crucial is mastery of harmony, to free the musical imagination.
But the most central of all is mastery of rhythm —  the heartbeat of jazz and that which invests in its melodies and, hence all its performances that particular atmosphere whithout which the music is characterless. It requires mastery of time and tempo, as well as beat, and all these skills are interdependent, blending to provide te melodic line with its peculiar force and its especial momentum.
To stay, then, that James Elbert Raney is a Jazz Master implies much more than the mere hyperbole that so readily accompanies betterknown musicians of far more limited accomplishment...
Chris Sheridan (Jazz Journal international) from the booklet

Jimmy Raney
The Master


1 The Song Is You (Hammerstein, Kern)  5:52
2 Billie's Bounce (Parker)  6:28
3 Along Came Betty (Golson)  6:16
4 Just One of Those Things (Porter)  3:57
5 It's All Right With Me (Porter)  8:19
6 Lament (Johnson)  7:54
7 Tangerine (Mercer, Schertzinger)  6:54
8 The Song Is You [alt. take 1] (Hammerstein, Kern)  5:58
9 Tangerine [alt. take 2] (Mercer, Schertzinger)  6:48


Jimmy Raney - g
Kirk Lightsey - p
Jesper Lundgaard - b
Eddie Gladden - dr

Recorded in Studio 44, Monster, Holland ; February 16, 1983.


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