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Hank Jones Piano - Urbanity

Pianist Hank Jones' first LP consists of six piano solos from 1947 and four trio numbers (with guitarist Johnny Smith and bassist Ray Brown) from 1953. This CD reissue from 1997 has all of that music, plus numerous alternate takes and false starts on a pair of the 1953 Jones originals ("Things Are So Pretty In the Spring" and "Thad's Pad"). Particularly on the unaccompanied solos, Hank Jones shows off the influence of Art Tatum, while the trio cuts are more boppish and sometimes recall the King Cole Trio. Excellent music, although the added alternates (the many stop-and-start versions of "Things" go on for over 14 minutes) can get a bit tedious at times.
Scott Yanow

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Hank Jones


1 Thad's Pad [master take] (Jones)  2:56
2 Things Are So Pretty in the Spring [master take] (Harris, Jones, Jones )  3:38
3 Little Girl Blue (Hart, Rodgers)  2:45
4 Odd Number (Jones)  3:30
5 Blues for Lady Day (Jones)  2:41
6 The Night We Called It a Day (Adair, Dennis)  3:20
7 Yesterdays (Harbach, Kern)  3:03
8 You're Blasé (Hamilton, Sievier)  3:06
9 Tea for Two (Caesar, Youmans)  3:00
10 The Blue Room (Hart, Rodgers)  2:42
11 Thad's Pad [alt. take] (Jones)  3:00
12 Thad's Pad [index 1-2 : false start - inc. take] (Jones)  0:12
13 Thad's Pad [alt. take] (Jones)  0:19
14 Thad's Pad [index 0-1 : false start - alt. take] (Jones)  2:58
15 Things Are So Pretty in the Spring [index 1-4 : false start] (Harris, Jones, Jones)  0:14
16 Things Are So Pretty in the Spring [alt. take] (Harris, Jones, Jones)  3:36
17 Things Are So Pretty in the Spring [alt. take] (Harris, Jones, Jones)  3:39


[# 1-4 & 11-17]
Hank Jones - p
Johnny Smith - g
Ray Brown - b
Recorded at Fine Sound, New York City ; September 4, 1953
[# 5-10]
Hank Jones - p
Recorded in New York City ; probably late September, 1947


ZM-JazzRock said...

this must be nice; or at least historical recs.
thanx a lot

Danneau said...

Nice set from a bye gone era. Thank you.

Camillo said...

I really discovered your blog only few days ago. I don't know why it escaped my attention. Maybe because I was lazy about lossless formats and filtered away lossless blog.
But only now I realize what I've missed. I'm a jazz fan, but knowledgeable only about recent years (from sixties, big names as Ellington or Parker apart).
So I discovered a lot of neglected musicians, as Johnny Smith (I never heard of him before, what a shame), Bob Brookmeyer, Lennie Niehaus and many others. Thank you.

rubberduck said...

Many thanks, MEL for H Jone Urbanity.

Maybe not the best of the bunch for HAnk, but always good.

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Thank you melanchthon.

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Shd be very interesting Mel, tx much!

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Great music & great blog.

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Thank you for this album. I've never seen it around before. I love this guy's work. The Great Jazz Trio was exceptional. ( and if anybody can find Love for Sale in a good rip, I'd be grateful).

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Thanks, Melanchthon!
I heard it just now and "That's Pad" is delicious!
Mainly on its bridge, all the guys in unisson.

fcapeau said...

Emotion ! It's the first record of Hank i ever heard as a teenager ...
He made me love the piano !; Thanks, Mel.

deGallo said...

Marvelous!! Thank you.

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Thank you and my best holiday wishes for you.

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AmyBRAINS said...

Yes deGallo, this album it's really marvelous!!
Many, many thanks, Melanchthon.

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This one is truly amazing ! Jones, Smith and Brown together ! Thanks so much MM!

Anonymous said...

But it's gone! Can you re-up, please, MM?

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Thanks for more Johnny Smith and his impeccable plectrum, in a trio with Hank Jones and Ray Brown no less!

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Great to get this one from Hank Jones. Thank you!