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Gerald Wilson - Portraits

An excellent album from Gerald Wilson — one that features some of his most inventive writing and arranging to date! The album's a perfect balance between the two sides of LA jazz in the 60s — the soul jazz groove, and the growing modern scene — which often didn't get the larger exposure it needed, but would sometimes peek forth under the guidance of mainstream figures like Wilson. The set features very strong solo work by hip LA players like Jimmy Woods on alto, Jack Wilson on piano, Harold Land on tenor, and Joe Pass on guitar — and the tracks are all tributes to some of Wilson's biggest influences — so "Eric" is dedicated to Eric Dolphy, "Ravi" to Ravi Shankar, "Paco" to the great Spanish matador, and so on. The whole thing's quite hip, and another example of how Wilson could perfectly balance the modernist impulses of the LA underground with a tight sense of arrangement and presentation that helped him reach a very wide audience at the time.
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Gerald Wilson


1 So What (Davis)  5:54
2 'Round Midnight (Hanighen, Monk, Williams)  5:09
3 Paco (Wilson)  6:19
4 Ravi (Wilson)  5:59
5 Aram (Wilson)  3:45
6 Eric (Wilson)  3:13
7 Caprichos (Wilson)  7:14


Gerald Wilson - arr. & cond.
Al Porcino [# 1-4], Ray Triscari [# 5-7], Carmell Jones, Nathaniel Meeks, Freddie Hall, Julius Chaikin - tp
Bob Edmondson, John Ewing, Don Switzer, Lester Robinson [# 1-4], Lew McCreary [# 5-7] - tb
Bud Shank - fl [# 7 only]
Joe Maini, Jimmy Woods - as
Teddy Edwards, Harold Land - ts
Jack Nimitz - bs
Joe Pass - g
Jack Wilson - p
Leroy Vinnegar [# 1-4], Dave Dyson [# 5-7] - b
Chuck Carter - dr
Modesto Duran - bng [# 3 & 4]

Recorded at Pacific Jazz Studios, Los Angeles ; December 2, 1963 [# 1-4] ; & January 8, 1964, other selections.


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