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Frank Socolow Quintet & Sextet (New York Journeyman)

At last in one CD the complete and rare recordings made by the outstanding saxophonist Frank Socolow as a leader. Frank Socolow was an excellent tenor saxophonist who unfortunately never rose beyond the rank of journeyman. His transitional style on the tenor was heard with many dance bands, which formed the bulk of his employment in the music business. Having worked the reed section for Boyd Raeburn, Buddy Rich, Chubby Jackson and Artie Shaw, Frank was highly acclaimed by his music colleagues yet, as often happens, his fame as a soloist escaped wider notice, which could be direct result of him being such a good section man. The three first tracks features legendary pianist Bud Powell.

Source : http://www.freshsoundrecords.com/record.php?record_id=4030

Frank Socolow
Complete Recordings
Quintet and Sextet New York Jazz


1 Reverse the Charges (Socolow)  2:53
2 The Man I Love (Davis, Ramirez, Sherman)  3:17
3 September in the Rain (Dubin, Warren)  2:47
4 Miss Finegold (Socolow)  2:58
5 But Not for Me (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:08
6 Swing Low Sweet (Socolow Salvador)  2:53
7 How About You (Freed, Lane)  3:52
8 My Heart Stood Still (Hart, Rodgers)  3:12
9 Little Joe (Socolow)  4:12
10 Farfel (Socolow)  3:31
11 I'll Take Romance (Porter)  4:06
12 I Love You (Porter)  4:13
13 I Cried for You (Arnheim, Freed, Lyman)  4:08


Frank Socolow - ts
Freddie Webster - tp
Bud Powell - p
Leonard Gaskin - b
Irv Kluger - dr
Recorded in New York City ; May 2, 1945.
Frank Socolow - ts & as
Eddie Bert - tb
Sal Salvador - g
Eddie Costa - p
Bill Takus - b
Jimmy Campbell - dr
Recorded in New York City ; November 1956.


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This is incredible. I never knew Freddie Webster had recorded in a small band setting before he died. I was only aware of a few bars he had on a Sarah Vaughn set. Many thanks for sharing this. Freddie Webster was highly regarded among the Be-Bop set and I have seen him cited as a forerunner of the Clifford Brown - Lee Morgan style. Sadly he died of a "hot shot" that had been intended for Sonny Stitt.
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