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Djangologie (1928-1950)

Django Reinhardt was the first hugely influential jazz figure to emerge from Europe — and he remains the most influential European to this day, with possible competition from Joe Zawinul, George Shearing, John McLaughlin, his old cohort Stephane Grappelli and a bare handful of others. A free-spirited gypsy, Reinhardt wasn't the most reliable person in the world, frequently wandering off into the countryside on a whim. Yet Reinhardt came up with a unique way of propelling the humble acoustic guitar into the front line of a jazz combo in the days before amplification became widespread. He would spin joyous, arcing, marvelously inflected solos above the thrumming base of two rhythm guitars and a bass, with Grappelli's elegantly gliding violin serving as the perfect foil. His harmonic concepts were startling for their time — making a direct impression upon Charlie Christian and Les Paul, among others — and he was an energizing rhythm guitarist behind Grappelli, pushing their groups into a higher gear. Not only did Reinhardt put his stamp upon jazz, his string band music also had an impact upon the parallel development of Western swing, which eventually fed into the wellspring of what is now called country music. Although he could not read music, with Grappelli and on his own, Reinhardt composed several winsome, highly original tunes like "Daphné," "Nuages" and "Manoir de mes Rêves," as well as mad swingers like "Minor Swing" and the ode to his record label of the '30s, "Stomping at Decca." As the late Ralph Gleason said about Django's recordings, "They were European and they were French and they were still jazz."
A violinist first and a guitarist later, Jean Baptiste "Django" Reinhardt grew up in a gypsy camp near Paris where he absorbed the gypsy strain into his music. A disastrous caravan fire in 1928 badly burned his left hand, depriving him of the use of the fourth and fifth fingers, but the resourceful Reinhardt figured out a novel fingering system to get around the problem that probably accounts for some of the originality of his style. According to one story, during his recovery period, Reinhardt was introduced to American jazz when he found a 78 RPM disc of Louis Armstrong's "Dallas Blues" at an Orleans flea market. He then resumed his career playing in Parisian cafes until one day in 1934 when Hot Club chief Pierre Nourry proposed the idea of an all-string band to Reinhardt and Grappelli. Thus was born the Quintet of the Hot Club of France, which quickly became an international draw thanks to a long, splendid series of Ultraphone, Decca and HMV recordings.
The outbreak of war in 1939 broke up the Quintette, with Grappelli remaining in London where the group was playing and Reinhardt returning to France. During the war years, he led a big band, another quintet with clarinetist Hubert Rostaing in place of Grappelli, and after the liberation of Paris, recorded with such visiting American jazzmen as Mel Powell, Peanuts Hucko and Ray McKinley. In 1946, Reinhardt took up the electric guitar and toured America as a soloist with the Duke Ellington band but his appearances were poorly received. Some of his recordings on electric guitar late in his life are bop escapades where his playing sounds frantic and jagged, a world apart from the jubilant swing of old. However, starting in Jan. 1946, Reinhardt and Grappelli held several sporadic reunions where the bop influences are more subtly integrated into the old, still-fizzing swing format. In the 1950s, Reinhardt became more reclusive, remaining in Europe, playing and recording now and then until his death from a stroke in 1953. His Hot Club recordings from the `30s are his most irresistible legacy ; their spirit and sound can be felt in current groups like Holland's Rosenberg Trio.
Richard S. Ginell

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Django Reinhardt


Cd 1

1 Griserie (Bosc, Millandy, Varenne)  2:42
2 Carinosa (Larena, Pesenti)  2:53
3 Si j'aime Suzy (Bastia)  2:14
4 Presentation Stomp (Warlop)  3:01
5 Blue Moon (Rogers, Hart)  3:15
6 Avalon (Jolson, DeSylva, Rose)  3:00
7 What a Difference a Day made (Grever, Adams)  3:15
8 Stardust (Hoagy, Carmichaël, Parish)  3:10
9 Rosetta (Hines, Woods)  2:35
10 Stardust (Hoagy, Carmichaël, Parish)  2:29
11 The Object of my Affection (Poe, Grier, Tomplin)  2:45
12 I'se Muggin' (Smith)  3:05
13 I Can't Give You Anything but Love (McHugh, Fields)  3:20
14 Oriental Shuffle (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:37


This 20-cd series by EMI features guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli on recordings not duplicated by the various GNP/Crescendo reissues. In fact, the first 11 selections on the first volume (which has sideman appearances with pianist Garnet Clark, tenor-saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, violinist Michel Warlop and three early recordings including one song that features Django on banjo in 1928), are not on the massive EMI ten-CD set Djangology.
Scott Yanow

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Cd 2

1 After You'Gone (Creamer, Layton)  3:04
2 Are You in the Mood (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:48
3 Limehouse Blues (Furber, Braham)  2:43
4 Nagasaki (Warren, Dixon)  2:48
5 Swing Guitars (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:22
6 Georgia on My Mind (Hoagy, Carmichaël, Gorrell)  3:12
7 shine (Mck, Dabney, Brown)  2:53
8 In the Still of the Night (Carmichaël, Trent)  3:01
9 Sweet Chorus (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:43
10 Exactly Like You (McHugh, Fields)  2:24
11 Charleston (Mack, Johnson)  2:48
12 You're Driving me Crazy (Donaldson)  2:49
13 Tears (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:33
14 Solitude (Ellington, DeLange, Mills)  3:04


Cd 3

1 Hot Lips (Busse, Lange, Davis)  3:00
2 Ain't Misbehavin (Razaf, Waller, Brooks)  2:48
3 Rose Room (Hickman, Williams)  2:39
4 Body and Soul (Hayman, Eyton, Green, Sour)  3:21
5 When Day is Done (DeSylva, Katscher)  3:07
6 Runnin'wild (Gibbs, Grey, Wood)  2:51
7 Chicago (Fischer)  3:21
8 Libestraum n°3 (Liszt, arr. Reinhardt)  3:15
9 Miss Annabelle Lee (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:44
10 A little Love, a Little Kiss (Silésu, Nilson Fyscher)  3:16
11 Mistery Pacific (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:17
12 In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington, Mills, Kurtz)  2:58
13 The Sheik of Araby (Wheeler, Smith, Snyder)  2:59
14 Improvisation (Reinhardt)  2:54


Cd 4

1 Parfum (Reinhardt)  2:57
2 Alabamy Bound (Green, De Sylva, Henderson)  2:45
3 Honeysuckle Rose (Waller)  2:42
4 Crazy Rhythm (Meyer, Kahn)  2:56
5 Out of Nowhere (Heyman, Green)  3:09
6 Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)  2:55
7. Bugle Call Rag (Meyers, Schoebel, Pettis)  2:45
8 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Arle, Koehler)  2:50
9 I Got Rhythm (Gershwin)  2:15
10 Sweet Sue (Young, Harris)  3:05
11 Hangin Around Boudon (Wells)  2:50
12 Japanese Sandman (Willemetz, Charles, Whiting)  3:00
13 Pennies from Heaven (Johnston, Burke)  2:19
14 Tiger Rag (DeCosta, LaRocca)  2:31


Cd 5

1 Saint Louis Blues (Handy)   2:38
2 Boucin'Around (Deloof)  2:41
3 Eddie's Blues (Reinhardt, South)  3:02
4 Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)  2:42
5 Lady be Good (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:12
6 Dinah (Akst, Young, Lewis)  2:22
7 Daphné (Reinhardt)  2:56
8 You took Advantage of Me (Rodgers, Hart)  2:49
9 I've Found a New Baby (Palmer, Williams)  2:31
10 I ain't got Nobody (Graham, Williams)  3:00
11 Baby won't you Please come Home (Warfield, Williams)  2:55
12 Big Boy Blues (Goodie)  3:21
13 Swing Guitars (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  3:01
14 Bill Coleman Blues (Coleman)  2:43


Vol. 5 of EMI's twenty-Cd reissue series of Django Reinhardt recordings has many interesting gems among its 14 performances. Reinhardt is heard on a couple of trio sides, interacts with violinists Stephane Grappelli, Eddie South and Michel Warlop in different combinations (all three fiddle players are on "Lady Be Good") and takes significant solos in a small group led by trumpeter Bill Coleman.
Scott Yanow

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Cd 6

1 Somebody Loves Me (McDonald, De Sylva, Gershwin)  3:23
2 Can't Believe that you're in Love with Me (Gaskill, McHugh)  3:13
3 Minor Swing (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  3:11
4 Viper's Dream (Allen)  3:09
5 Fiddle's Blues (Reinhardt, Grappelli, South)  2:40
6 Interpretation Swing du 1er Mouvement du Concerto
en ré mineur de J.S. Bach (Bach, arr. Reinhardt)  2:22
7 Improvisation sur le 1er Mouvement du Concerto
en ré mineur de J.S. Bach (Bach, arr. Reinhardt)  3:16
8 Swingin' with Django (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:46
9 Paramount Stomp (Romans, Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:32
10 Boléro (Reinhardt)  3:58
11 Mabel (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  4:03
12 My Serenade (Reinhardt)  2:57
13 Serenade for a Wealthy Widow (Fields, Foresythe)  3:13
14 Taj Mahal (Warlop)  3:18


Cd 7

1 Organ Grinder's Swing (Mills, Parish, Hudson)  2:33
2 You Rascal You (Theard)  3:01
3 Tea for Two (Youmans)  3:09
4 Christmas Swing (Reinhardt)  2:45
5 Stephen's Blues (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  3:11
6 Sugar (Alexander, Pinkard, Mitchell)  2:58
7 Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)  3:13
8 Tea for two (Youmans)  2:46
9 Blues (Brun)  3:00
10 Easy Going (Deloof)  3:00
11 Harlem Swing (Deloof)  2:35
12 Sweet Sue (Young, Harris)  2:26
13 I'm Coming Virginia (Heywood, Cook)  3:02
14 Farewell Blues (Schoebel, Rappolo, Mares)  3:12


When one thinks of guitarist Django Reinhardt's recordings of the 1930s, it is of The Quintet of the Hot Club of France, the group that consisted of Reinhardt, violinist Stephane Grappelli, two rhythm guitarists and string bass. However on this cd, the seventh volume out of twenty put out by EMI, Django is instead heard with recording groups led by violinist michel Warlop, trumpeter Philippe Brun and altoist Benny Carter. In addition, he duets with Grappelli nad takes "Tea for Two" as an unaccompanied solo. Classic music that has also been reissued in EMI's Djangologie ten-CD box set.
Scott Yanow

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Cd 8

1 Blue Light Blues (Carter, Ellington)  3:03
2 Body and Soul (Heyman, Eyton, Green, Sour)  3:02
3 Lover Come Back to Me (Hammerstein, Romberg)  2:29
4 My Melancholy Baby (Norton, Burnett, Maybelle)  3:04
5 I Got Rhythm (Gershwin, Gershwin)  2:43
6 Montmartre (Stewart)  2:20
7 Low Cotton (Stewart)  3:00
8 Finesse (Taylor)  2:20
9 I Know that You Know (Caldwell, Youmans)  2:30
10 Solid old Man (Bigard, Taylor, Stewart)  3:05
11 Dream Ship (Romans)  2:50
12 I Can't Believe that You're in Love with Me (Gaskill, McHugh)  2:20
13 Stockholm (Reinhardt)  2:44
14 Younger Generation (Coward)  2:21


Cd 9

1 I'll See You In My Dreams (Kahn, Jones)  2:28
2 Echoes Of Spain (Reinhardt)  3:02
3 Out Of Nowhere (Heyman, Green)  3:03
4 Baby (Fields, McHugh)  2:31
5 Naguine (Reinhardt)  2:22
6 Scatterbrain (Masters, Burke, Bean)  2:20
7 Jumpin' At The Woodside (Basie)  2:55
8 Boogie Woogie Part 1 (Smith)  2:50
9 Boogie Woogie Part 2 (Smith)  2:35
10 Blue Skies (Berlin)  2:35
11 Stomp (Hampton)  2:15
12 Rosetta (Hines, Woods)  2:25
13 Sugar (Alexander, Pinkard, Mitchell)  2:40
14 A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody (Berlin)  2:35


The ninth volume in this twenty-cd series finds Django Reinhardt, after performing some duets with violinst Stephane Grappelli and a few unaccompanied solos, moving into the war years (which Grappelli spent in England). Reinhardt is heard taking guitar solos in groups led by trumpeter Arthur Briggs, tenor-saxophonist Alix Combelle, trumpeter Philippe Brun and altoist Andre Ekyan. These lesser-known performances should delight swing fans since they contain more than their share of hot moments.
Scott Yanow

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Cd 10

1 Margie (Davis, Conrad, Robinson)  2:15
2 Tears (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:40
3 Limehouse Blues (Furber, Braham)  2:25
4 Daphne (Reinhardt)  2:49
5 Jimmy's Bar (Brun)   2:47
6 Rhythm Futur (Reinhardt)  2:36
7 Begin The Beguine (Porter, arr. Shaw)  2:50
8 Blues (Reinhardt)  3:05
9 Coucou (Extrait) (Mathas, Féline)  0:50
10 Indecision (Shavers)  3:00
11 Tiger Rag (LaRocca, DeCosta, arr. Combelle)  2:45
12 Quatre Tickets (Combelle)  2:30
13 Le Sheik (Wheeler, Smith, Sydner)  2:15
14 Noel Blues (Chiboust)  2:55


This valuable cd (the halfway mark of EMI's twenty-cd series of Django Reinhardt recordings) finds the guitarist forming a new group. After a selection with altoist Andre Ekyan and five numbers heading a medium-sized band (under the title of "Django's Music"), Reinhardt is heard with his new Quintet of the Hot Club of France, a band now comprised of clarinetist Hubert Rostaing, two guitars, bass and drums. This set also has a few selections from groups led by tenors Alix Combelle and Noel Chiboust. Valuable and formerly rare European swing performances.
Scott Yanow

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Cd 11
(1940) [II]

1 Margie (Davis, Conrad, Robinson)  2;20
2 Indécision (Shavers)  3:15
3 Oui, c'est ça (Barelli)  2:40
4 Swing 41 (Reinhardt)  3:04
5 Nuages (Reinhardt)  3:13
6 Pour vous (Reinhardt)  3:15
7 Fantaisie sur une danse norvégienne (Grieg, arr. Reinhardt)  2:29
8 Vendredi 13 (Reinhardt)  2:59
9 Liebesfreud (Kreisler, arr. Reinhardt)  2:35
10 Mabel (Reinhardt)  3:14
11 Petits mensonges (Donaldson)  3:12
12 Les Yeux noirs (Trad.)  3:00
13 Sweet Sue (Young, Harris)  2:45
14 Swing de Paris (Reinhardt)  2:58


The eleventh of twenty volumes in EMI's Djangologie series mostly focuses on the guitarist's new Quintet of the Hot Club of France, a group that matched Django with clarinetist Hubert Rostaing to form a strikingly modern sound very different than the Benny Goodman Sextet (which had similar instrumentation). In addition, tenor-saxophonist Alix Combelle guests on a couple of songs and there are a few numbers by orchestras led by trumpeter Aime Barelli and tenor-saxophonist Noel Chiboust. This enjoyable music is also available in EMI's ten-CD box.
Scott Yanow

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Cd 12

1 Oiseaux Des Iles (Reinhardt)  2:46
2 All Of Me (Marks, Simons)  2:43
3 Sur Les Bords De L'Alamo (Kayes, Jones, Lyons)  3:10
4 Pour Terminer (Combelle, Wagner)  3:00
5 Petite Lili (Allier)  3:18
6 Ninouche (Allier)  3:15
7 Festival Swing (Combelle, Combelle)  4:10
8 Stockholm (Reinhardt)  3:07
9 De Nulle Part (Heyman, Green)  3:00
10 Hungaria (Reinhardt)  2:25
11 Dinette (Reinhardt)  2:46
12 Crépuscule (Reinhardt, Blanche)  2:56
13 Swing 42 (Reinhardt, Riesner)  2:45
14 Festival Swing 1942 (Extrait) (Rostaing, arr. Combelle, Reinhardt)  1:13


It is remarkable how much recording guitarist Django Reinhardt was able to do during the war years despite France being occupied. On the twelfth of twenty volumes in this valuable LP series, Reinhardt stars with clarinetist Hubert Rostaing in his new Quintet of the Hot Club of France, adds valuable solos to the recordings of clarinetist Christian Wagner, trumpeter Pierre Allier and altoist Andre Ekyan, and participates on two all-star "Festival Swing" sessions. Recommended, as are all of the releases in this program.
Scott Yanow 

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Cd 13

1 Première Idée D'Eddie (Barclay, Rostaing)  3:20
2 Nympheas (Reinhardt)  4:03
3 Féerie (Reinhardt)  3:34
4 Belleville (Reinhardt)  2:30
5 Lentement Demoiselle (Reinhardt)  3:13
6 Douce Ambiance (Reinhardt)  2:17
7 Manoir De Mes Rêves (Reinhardt)  3:15
8 Oui (Si Tu Me Dis Oui) (Combelle, Gasté)  2:05
9 Cavalerie (Reinhardt)  2:31
10 Fleur D'Ennui (Reinhardt)  2:28
11 Blues Clair (Reinhardt)  2:59
12 Improvisation N°3 - Part 1 (Reinhardt)  2:55
13 Improvisation N°3 - Part 2 (Reinhardt)  2:43
14 Belleville (Reinhardt)  2:40


There are some real rarities on Vol. 13 of this superlative twenty-cd series. Guitarist Django Reinhardt is heard during the worst war years leading his Quintet of the Hot Club of France (which in addition to its usual clarinetist Hubert Rostaing, features clarinetists Andre Lluis and Gerald Leveque on several tracks), heading a couple of big bands and taking two unaccompanied solos on "Improvisation No. 3."
Scott Yanow

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Cd 14

1 Oubli (Reinhardt)  2:40
2 Zuiderzee Blues (Bulterman)  2:35
3 Abc (Candrix)  2:20
4 Gaiement (Reinhardt)  2:38
5 Mélodie Au Crepuscule (Extrait) (Reinhardt, Riesner)  0:36
6 Blues D'autrefois (Reinhardt)  2:31
7 Place De Brouckere (Reinhardt)  2:55
8 I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Fields, McHugh)  2:17
9 Artillerie Lourde (Reinhardt)  4:30
10 Djangology (Reinhardt)  2:35
11 Swing Guitars (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:20
12 Manoir De Mes Rêves (Reinhardt)  3:08
13 Are You In The Mood ? (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:50
14 Swingtime In Springtime (Reinhardt)  2:48


Cd 15

1 Coquette (Lombardo, Kahn, Green)  2:58
2 Django's Tiger (Reinhardt)  2:33
3 Embraceable You (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:04
4 Echoes Of France (Rouget de L'Isle, arr. Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:43
5 Yours And Mine (Freed, Brown)  2:48
6 On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Fields, McHugh)  2:41
7 I Won't Dance (Fields, Kern, McHugh, Hammerstein)  2:43
8 R-Vingt Six (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:33
9 How High The Moon (Lewis, Hamilton)  2:31
10 Lover Man (Davis, Sherman, Ramirez)  3:14
11 Blue Lou (Sampson, Mills)  2:18
12 Blues (Reinhardt)  2:34
13 What Is This Thing Called Love ? (Porter)  2:04
14 Ol' Man River (Kern, Hammerstein)  2:35


With World War II over, in 1946 violinist Stephane Grappelli returned to France and had the first of several recorded reunions with guitarist Django Reinhardt. This fifteenth of twenty-cd volumes in EMI's very valuable series contains 11 performances from three different reunions during 1946-47, showing that the old magic between the two masters was still there. This set also features Reinhardt's newer version of the Quintet of the Hot Club of France with clarinetist Hubert Rostaing on three numbers.
Scott Yanow

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Cd 16

1 Si Tu Savais (Ulmer)  2:40
2 Eveline (Grappelli)  2:09
3 Diminushing (Reinhardt)  3:10
4 Mike (Reinhardt)  2:45
5 Lady Be Good (Gershwin, Gershwin)  2:51
6 Festival 48 (Reinhardt)  2:34
7 Fantaisie (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:48
8 Brick Top (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:59
9 Just For Fun (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  3:02
10 To Easch His Own - Symphonie (Alstone, Lawrence, Livingston, Evans)  2:59
11 Over The Rainbow (Harburg, Arlen)  2:39
12 Minor Blues (Reinhardt)  2:41
13 Vous Qui Passez Sans Me Voir (Trénet, Hess, Misraki)  2:47
14 Nagasaki (Warren, Dixon)  2:48


All 14 selections on this 16th volume of EMI's twenty-cd Django Reinhardt series reunite the great guitarist with violinist Stephane Grappelli. They teamed up on Nov. 14, 1947, March 10, 1948 and then, starting with the final four selections, for an extensive series of recordings in Jan. and Feb. 1949. Although there are a few standards included, there are also a surprising number of originals. The old magic was still there.
Scott Yanow

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Cd 17

1 Swing 39 (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  3:09
2 Clopin-Clopant (Coquatrix, Dudan)  3:01
3 Liza (Gershwin, Kahn)  2:46
4 Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)  3:11
5 What Is This Thing Called Love ? (Porter)  3:48
6 My Blue Heaven (Whitting, Donaldson)  3:26
7 My Melancholy Baby (Burnett, Norton, Maybelle, Watson)  3:28
8 Just A Gigolo (Caesar, Casucci)  3:26
9 Troublant Bolero (Boléro De Django) (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  3:34
10 Rosetta (Hines, Woods)  2:56
11 Dream Of You (Lunceford)  4:03
12 Begin The Beguine (Porter)  3:43
13 How High The Moon (Lewis, Hamilton)  3:36
14 Nuages (Reinhardt)  3:24


Vol. 17 has 14 of the many selections recorded at some marathon sessions in Italy during Jan. and Feb. 1949, the final recorded reunion of guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli. Eleven of the songs on this album (including Reinhardt's "Nuages") are standards but the two principals (backed by a standard rhythm section) come up with consistently fresh and swinging statements.
Scott Yanow

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Cd 18

1 I Can't Get Started (Gershwin, Duke)  3:49
2 I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Fields, McHugh)  3:36
3 Manoir De Mes Rêves (Reinhardt)  3:22
4 Sweet Georgia (Brown Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)  3:50
5 Minor Swing (Reienhardt, Grappelli)  2:23
6 Double Scotch (Reinhardt)  2:50
7 Artillerie Lourde (Reinhardt)  3:40
8 Saint James Infirmary (Primerose)  2:30
9 « C » Jam Blues (Ellington)  3:29
10 Honeysuckle Rose (Razaf, Waller)  3:21
11 Belleville (Reinhardt)  5:30
12 Nuages (Reinhardt)  6:20


Recorded just a few years before Django Reinhardt passed away, the 12 selections on Djangologie 18 find the Belgian guitarist in a variety of settings with and without old partner Stephane Grappelli. Having last played in 1939 when the original Quintette of the Hot Club of France disbanded because of the war, Reinhardt and Grappelli reformed the band in 1946 and played together sporadically until 1950. Kicking off this collection of material from 1949-1950 (part of EMI's 18-volume retrospective of the guitarist), Reinhardt and Grappelli dig into quintet versions of "I Can't Get Started" and "I Can't Give You Anything but Love" and recapture some of the magic of their classic late '30s sides. Even more impressive is their duet on Reinhardt's melancholy "Manoir de mes Rêves." Next, Reinhardt switches to electric guitar and introduces a new QHCF, featuring clarinetist and alto saxophonist André Ekyan as Grappelli's replacement. Mixing in fine originals like "Double Scotch" with some standards, the guitarist pulls off some engaging solos while Eykan impresses throughout ; unfortunately, much of the buoyant swing of vintage QHCF sides is missing. Closing out the set in intimate and somewhat rambling fashion, Reinhardt goes solo on two of his finest numbers, "Nuages" and "Belleville." A fine disc that's probably best suited for staunch Reinhardt fans.
Stephen Cook

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Cd 19

1 Micro (Mike) (Reinhardt)  2:17
2 Stormy Weather (Ellington)  3:28
3 Blue Skies (Berlin)  4:10
4 The Man I Love (Gershwin)  3:16
5 The Peanut Vendor (Simons, Sunshine)  3:56
6 It Might as Well be Spring (Rodgers, Hammerstein)  4:03
7 Micro (Mike) [alternate Take] (Reinhardt)  2:40
8 Danse Norvegienne (Grieg, arr. Reinhardt)  3:08
9 Dinette (Reinhardt)  2:57
10 Rêverie (Debussy)  3:03
11 Place de Broukere (Reinhardt)  2:54
12 Black Night (Reinhardt)  3:33
13 Boogie Woogie (Ekyan)  3:23


The 19th of 20 cds in EMI's very valuable Django Reinhardt series contains six selections date from the extensive (and final) musical reunion with violinist Stephane Grappelli in 1949. It is interesting to hear them interpret such songs as "The Peanut Vendor" and "It Might as Well Be Spring." The remainder of this set is from April and May 1950 and finds altoist Andre Ekyan co-starring as a member of Reinhardt's Quintet of the Hot Club of France. Five of the seven songs that they perform are Reinhardt originals. It's a well-rounded and highly enjoyable album.
Scott Yanow

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Cd 20

1 Nature Boy (Ahbez, Palex, Hennevé)  3:27
2 Blue Loue (Sampson, Mills, Gordon)  3:08
3 I'll Never Be The Same (Signorelli, Malneck)  3:58
4 Brazil (Barroso)  2:48
5 For Sentimental Reasons (Best)  3:28
6 Webster (Reinhardt)  2:00
7 Improvisation N°4 (Reinhardt)  2:10
8 Undecided (Shavers, Robin)  3:00
9 Time On My Hands (Youmans, Adamson, Gordon)  2:54
10 Night And Day (Porter)  3:02
11 To Each His Own (Evans, Livingston)  3:46
12 Micro (Mike) II (Reinhardt)  2:17
13 What A Difference A Day Made (Grever, Adams)  3:33
14 Pigalle (Ulmer, Koger)  2:43


The 20th and final volume in this giant EMI Django Reinhardt series sticks to the Django Reinhardt-Stephane Grappelli reunion of 1949, their final meeting on records. The guitarist proves to be much more influenced by bop (and more modern) than the violinist but they clearly inspired and brought out the best in each other.
Scott Yanow

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Feat. Django Reinhardt, Alix Combelle, André Ekyan, Alix Combelle, Joseph Reinhardt, Guy Paquinet, Hubert Rostaing, Eugène d'Hellemmes, Benny Carter, Challin, Ferret, Louis Vola, Lucien Simoëns, Michel Warlop, Stéphane Grappelli, Coleman Hawkins, Eugène Vées, Larry Adler, Barney Bigard, Rex Stewart, Emmanuel Soudieux, Bill Coleman, Roger Paraboschi, Pierre Fouad, Coleman Hawkins, Christian Wagner, Eddie South, Roger Chaput, Jerry Mengo, etc...

Recorded between March 1928 & May 1950

(See the complete artwork, back covers, for all details)

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chuchuni said...

Comme Orbyt, j'en reste muet et les remerciements de rigueur me semblent bien ternes... Un morceau d'histoire que tu nous offres, ni plus ni moins...

dch said...

Unbelievable! Thank You so much.

santyjazz said...

Thanks man, this staff is really cool!!!!

blbs said...

Wow!!!! Thaks Mel!!! Amazing!

jpo said...


wightdj said...

Quite a treasure chest. Many thanks, this is a fantastic resource.

Gepetto said...

Incredible !
Thanks a lot for sharing all theses

Anonymous said...

Melanchthon - thank you. CD 20, Nature Boy, I had not heard that one before. Wonderful.

Blue Eyes said...

Oh my god ! fantastic post ! thank you very much Melanchthon !

Tim said...

i've been a Django fan for many years. This looks fabulous! I have most of the Chronological series. Isn't some of the EMI material duplicated on the Chronological? Thanks for the wonderful post.

Neal said...

Speechless....but thank you!

musician3 said...

Great.....Thank You Very Much

Bill said...

Outstanding!!!! I'm overwhelmed. Thank you

zeta said...

What an amazing post!
The best way to celebrate Django's centenary.
Thanks so much.

Neal said...

I'm confused about this slavishly follows the contents of the original 20 lp Djangology set, to the point of having 40 minute cd lengths? That seems odd. Also, didn't the 10cd version from EMI of Djangology (in the 90s), while leaving out some of the later recordings, add about 35 tracks left out of the Djangology lp series, meaning they are now left out of THIS compilation where there was plenty of room for them??

Obviously no reflection on your wonderful decision to post the set, but curious Django-heads would like to know what EMI is up to here!

The greedy amongst us (that would be me) would LOVE to see more of the Fremeaux sets, by the way!

Thanks, Mel!

PlantDoctor53 said...

Thanks Mel for the 20-CD Djangologie Box set in flac. An ambitious undertaking and very nicely done!

Bhowani said...


Fanrastic job !! How can you do this ? Amazing !!

Raoul said...

What a wonderful gift! Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

Django is nothing but GREAT,
thank you very much for sharing the set.
It's fine to hear in in flac.
Bo Jnime

2bad said...

This is a "D.D." --
Daunting Download.
(for us poor RS Free accounts)
But, I shall persevere.

Thanks, Mel!! This is literally "too much"!

bosshoss said...

Greetings, Mel!
Looks like a truly amazing set, it's just that stoopid me can't seem to find the links.... Gone?
Please answer!!!!

Дмитрий said...

Dear Melanchthon, I'm searchin' for this release for the years, but it seems that the priceless links are gone... Please, be so kind to update them!!!

Orbyt said...

Zut alors, c'est fantastique! Merci beaucoup Melanchthon! I missed this the first time around, won't dawdle this time...

Blue Eyes said...

You rock Melanchthon !

Otis Foster said...

Holy Moley, you certainly made a big splash on your return. Lossless - incredible. When do you sleep?

TAA, Mel

jessouaffe said...

Un Seul Mel Vous manque et tout le monde du blog est dépeuplé.
et pour fêter le retour du prodig(u)e, un feu d'artifice multicolore (une par album).
bravi, brava, bravo.

marcusr said...

Fantastic! You do it again - many many many thanks!
And thousand thanks for return :)

Umquetenha said...

What links?

Дмитрий said...

Thanks so much for this fantastic repost!!!!!!

Oracle said...

Best regards to you and your blog. ;O

Frank said...

Welcome back, and thanks for the Django with the marvelous Hubert Rostaing. I had a favorite cassette of this material that is now rather tattered, so much appreciated!

Eric said...

Thank you for all the hard work that you do. Unfortunately the link is dead.

Alberto Cos said...

Oh, Mel, quel plaisir de te revoir!

Merci beaucopup pour cet magnifique post!

Sam said...

Ah I would love to get this very much! I'm sorry, but it says "download permission by uploaded denied"? I apologize for my ignorance!

estravagario said...

Dear Melanchthon:

I'm writting to you in respect to your post
referred to Djangologie (1928-1950)
Unfortunately when you posted it originally I could not download it.
Now I've tried but without success due to limitations imposed by rapidshare.
I do not know whether it's possible for you to upload links to a new server. If not difficult for you, and if possible to do, you would make me a very big favour.
Any case, and irrespectively it's possible or not, please receive my gratitude for your work.... Yours is a priceless task... Thank you very much. Very best regards. Víctor Alonso.

Olde Edo said...

Thank you for this wonderful gift!
Truly, you are living up to the title of your blog!
It turns out that the time Rapidshare resets
its download volume meter corresponds to
8 am Japan time, so I had no trouble
downloading the entire set.

I have only listened to parts here and there,
so far, but noticed that Track 8, Disc 1 "Stardust"
actually duplicates Track 10 on the same disc.
I found a copy of the real recording for Track 8
on Chronogical Classics 602 "Coleman Hawkins
1934-37", and uploaded it to Dropbox, if you
need it.
The link is

Thanks again!

estravagario said...

I finally succeded downloading this jewel... it's really awesome ! Thank you very much Melanchthon. Still facing challenges with rapidshare, although around mid night Canary Islands time (GMT) window is opened and allow downloading.
Thank you very much!

theblueamos said...

Thank you very much from Jerusalem

theblueamos said...

One problem though!cd 18 seems to have the second part only,am i right? Is it possible to fix? TNX in advance.

asch said...


Melanchthon said...

First part of cd. 18

And a corrective link for the second part of cd 1 (with the correct version of "Stardust", track 8)

AmyBRAINS said...

Many, many thanks, Melanchthon.

theblueamos said...

Thank you very much

deGallo said...

Thank you. Marvelous!!

V. Alonso said...

Superb !!! Thank you Melanchthon!

BobSanders said...

Wonderful set. Many thanks.


musician3 said...


Tom+Jerry said...

Wonderful Mel - words are woefully inadequate at expressing my thanks for this

alessandro freda said...

Password ????


kristophermc28 said...

Many thanks for this huge set Mel!

I have a question. If I grabbed the other Django sets that were recently put up, do I need to keep them if I also grab this one, too?


klf said...
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klf said...

Thanks so much for posting this, again. In the past, I've been too intimidated by the size to download it, so have sadly passed it by. But now that you're using zippyshare, it was relatively easy. Thanks for everything!

ProfessorCalculus said...

Thanks Mel, It's time to buy a guitar.

-Otto- said...

Thank you for the repeated re-ups, Melanchthon.

Isidoro Macarena said...

impresionante. Muchas gracias

lucky5 said...

Great mega post.
Thank you. Mel!!

indigonoir said...

A monster re-up. Greatly appreciated. Thanks.

chuchuni said...

A million thanks for the hard work, Mel.

kurt hricz said...

Thank you so much for your great work. Best regards and greetings from Vienna.

jazzcat1228 said...

Outstanding! Thank you for another fantastic share, Mel.

art-in said...

Hai!! Melanchthon,
wowisowi--what a blog, what a collection, what a's full of surprises and overwhelming discoveries.
also this djangology is a really great collection, but the second part of cd1 and the first part of cd18 ids missing again and aalso 'the sounds of socolov' (you re-upped it at march 28th 2015). would be very nice , if you could repair this. thanks in advance and all the best from

art-in said...

Hai!! it's me again: of course you posted the socolow at may 28th 2015. sorry!
all the best

art-in said...

Hai!! it's me again: of course you posted the socolow at may 28th 2015. sorry!
all the best

rambert said...

Thanks again for a treasure of music that I stumbled upon a bit late.

The corrective links you posted on Feb 21 (second part of cd1 and first part of cd18) are no longer active.

If you were to re-upload these two parts, I would be very grateful!

mostergren said...

I'm in the same boat as Rambert! Again, many thanks! It's going to be Glenn Gould and Django this fall.

sikes said...

Thanks for this great post, could i also request a re-up on the corrective links please, i also came too late for cd18 part 1 & cd1 part 2, would really appreciate thanks

9900e7a0-ac18-11e5-b083-b33e0bded78c said...

There are a few expired links for discs 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 16, 18 if you wouldn't mind re-upping. Thank you so so much for putting up this amazing set! Can't wait to dive in.

Melanchthon said...

NB, for this one you need to unzip all files separately


Scraps said...

Thank you so much. I am humbled by your generosity.

WOODY said...

What a fine upload, I often minded not to find any improvement of your generosity, but this time with Django you did it again, so thanks a lot, very much appreciated!

lowgroove said...

Thanks once more for this and all the other wonderful posts this year. Wishing you and yours the best of health and happiness in the coming year.

Otis Foster said...

Incredible. Thnx melanchthon, another chance to download this comprehensive set.

Otis Foster said...

Incredible. Thnx melanchthon, another chance to download this comprehensive set.

Pee said...

Thanks so much for this one, Mel. I've only heard the "greatest hits" of Django, so this will give me a bit more to chew on.

rambert said...

Thanks so much for the repost!

Kovina Kris said...

What a massive and impressive post. I'm grateful for such a wonderful archive of Django material. Thank you very much Mel!