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Bud Shank on Pacific

The problem with examining the music that emanated from the west coast during the '50s and '60s was that too often much of it was lumped under the generic and grand category of "West Coast Cool." Sure, there was music that fit that bill, but there was also traditional jazz prospering on the west coast (Lu Watters & Bob Scobey) along with examples of the avant-garde (Earl Anderza & Jimmy Giuffre), big band (Gerald Wilson), funk/soul (Groove Holmes & Charles Kynard), and hard bop (Carmell Jones & Frank Butler). So to blanket "West Coast Jazz" as a single identity can be patently unfair to those individuals I've mentioned above and also to the eminent Bud Shank. Clearly, a gentleman capable of many moods and styles, his notable work for the Pacific Jazz label during the '60s was largely ignored by the majority of jazz fans at the time and the original issues remain underground collectibles by only a select few collectors.
All that aside, a long overdue recognition of Shank's work from the period needs to be done and will hopefully be forthcoming with Mosaic Records' release of this essential 5 CD/7 LP set. For the record, the original albums contained here include The Bud Shank Quartet, The Bud Shank Quartet Featuring Claude Williamson, Bud Shank Plays Tenor, Bud Shank in Africa, Slippery When Wet, New Groove, and Barefoot Adventure. These sessions were cut between 1956 and 1961 and many of them have been unavailable for quite some time.
Things get underway with the four sessions that feature a quartet with Claude Williamson on piano and Shank heard on alto sax, tenor sax and flute. Such standards as "A Night in Tunisia", "The Lamp is Low", and "Body and Soul" form the majority of the tunes, with a few Shank originals thrown in too. Although I hadn't previously heard any of this material prior to receiving this reissue, I was stunned by the shear excellence and maturity displayed by this working unit. In fact, much of the music could be considered head-and-shoulders above some of the "blowing sessions" being cut by such labels as Savoy and Prestige on the east coast. As good as the '50s stuff is, the next few dates from the early '60s really make a statement and cry for rediscovery. Both Slippery When Wet, from 1959, and Barefoot Adventure, from 1961, were originally conceived as soundtracks for two surfing movies. The former features guitarist Billy Bean, bassist Gary Peacock, and drummer Chuck Flores and finds Shank predominantly heard on flute. The latter puts Dennis Budimir in the guitar chair, with Peacock and drum legend Shelly Manne on board and the added horns of Bob Cooper and Carmell Jones. Both dates defy descriptive adjectives. Suffice it to say that they should be considered quintessential Bud Shank !
Equally impressive is New Groove from 1961. I've been trying to track this one down for some time now and it was well worth the wait. Budimir, Peacock, Jones, and drummer Mel Lewis join Shank for a hard bop delight that could have just as easily appeared on Blue Note or Riverside. As an added bonus, we get a taste of Shank's work on the baritone saxophone and it's a real pleasure to behold, believe me! If you're a regular Mosaic customer than I don't have to tell you what to expect in the way of quality presentation. It's all here- a handsome 12 x 12 box that houses the discs (expertly remastered) and a 16-page booklet with a wealth of session photos and adroit commentary provided by prominent author Doug Ramsey.
C. Andrew Hovan

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The Pacific Jazz
Bud Shank
Studio Sessions


Cd. 1

1 Bag of Blues (Cooper)  6:49
2 Nature Boy (Ahbez)  4:29
3 All This and Heaven Too (David, George)  4:55
4 Jubilation (Cooper)  5:48
5 Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me (Ellington, Russell)  5:41
6 Nocturne for Flute (Williamson)  2:50
7 Walkin' (Carpenter)  9:41
8 Carioca (Eliscu, Kahn, Youmans)  4:58
9 A Night in Tunisia (Gillespie, Paparelli)  4:01
10 Tertia (Williamson)  8:31
11 All of You (Porter)  6:02
12 Theme (Williamson)  3:52


Cd. 2

1 Jive at Five (Basie, Edison)  4:28
2 Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise (Hammerstein, Romberg)  5:18
3 Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Burke, VanHeusen)  3:38
4 The Lamp Is Low (DeRose, Parish, Ravel, Shefter)  6:09
5 Tangerine (Mercer, Schertzinger)  5:23
6 A Tribute to the African Pennywhistlers (Shank)  8:04
7 I'll Remember April (DePaul, Johnston, Raye)  5:33
8 Charity Rag (Shank)  4:55
9 Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me) (Ellington, Gaines)  6:44
10 My Funny Valentine (Hart, Rodgers)  4:03
11 Misty Eyes (Shank)  4:38
12 Waltzin' the Blues Away (Shank)  3:37


 Cd. 3

1 Thou Swell (Hart, Rodgers)  6:39
2 Tenderly (Gross, Lawrence)  7:51
3 Over the Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg)  4:22
4 Long Ago (And Far Away) (Gershwin, Kern)  4:52
5 I Never Knew (Fio Rito, Kahn)  6:31
6 All the Things You Are (Hammerstein, Kern)  4:53
7 Body and Soul (Eyton, Green, Heyman, Sour)  5:10
8 Blue Lou (Mills, Sampson)  5:46
9 Have Blues Will Travel (Shank)  4:22


 Cd. 4

1 Misty Eyes (Shank)  4:25
2 Mook's Theme (Shank)  4:35
3 Surf Pipers (Shank)  3:36
4 The Surf and I (Shank)  3:09
5 Up in Velseyland (Shank)  3:27
6 Surf for Two (Shank)  3:41
7 Slippery When Wet (Shank)  2:40
8 Going My Wave (Shank)  3:13
9 Old King Nep's Tune (Shank)  3:46
10 Walkin' on the Water (Shank)  4:46
11 Soupsville (Shank)  3:38
12 Blues in the Distance (Shank)  4:35
13 Blues in the Surf (Shank)  5:01


Cd. 5

1 New Groove (Shank)  6:47
2 The Awakening (Shank)  4:27
3 White Lightnin' (Shank)  5:23
4 Sultry Serenade (Ellington)  7:14
5 Well, You Needn't (Monk)  7:00
6 Liddledabllduya (Peacock)  3:58
7 Barefoot Adventure (Shank)  4:14
8 Shoeless Beach Meeting (Shank)  4:08
9 Jungle Cruise (Shank)  4:47
10 How High the Makaha (Shank)  3:11
11 Well 'Pon My Soul (Shank)  4:14
12 Ala Moana (Shank)  2:15
13 Bruce Is Loose (Shank)  3:23
14 Dance of the Sea Monsters (Shank)  4:07


Feat. Bud Shank, Claude Williamson, Don Prell, Chuck Flores, Jimmy Prat, Larry Bunker, Al Hendrickson, Jimmy Rowles, Joe Mondragon, Mel Lewis, Billy Bean, Gary Peacock, Carmel Jones, Dennis Budimir, Bob Cooper, Shelly Manne, etc...

Recorded between January 25, 1956 & November 1961
When one thinks of altoist/flutist Bud Shank's recordings of the 1950s, it is normally of his work with Stan Kenton's orchestra or collaborations with Laurindo Almeida or Bob Cooper. However, Shank led a superior quartet from 1956-1958 that also included pianist Claude Williamson, bassist Don Prell, and either Chuck Flores or Jimmy Pratt on drums. This typically magnificent six-CD limited-edition box set from Mosaic has the quartet's four albums (including a set that was recorded in Johannesburg, South Africa), a selection by Shank with a sextet that includes vibraphonist Larry Bunker, and three slightly later sets. The latter feature either Billy Bean or Dennis Budimir on guitar, bassist Gary Peacock and Chuck Flores, Mel Lewis or Shelly Manne on drums ; one set adds trumpeter Carmell Jones, and the other has both Jones and tenor saxophonist Bob Cooper. All of this music was fairly obscure but has dated quite well. In addition to alto and occasional flute, Shank took one of the quartet sets exclusively on tenor, which he has rarely played since; the two Carmell Jones dates find Shank doubling on alto and baritone. The music is consistently straight-ahead, featuring cool tones but hard swinging. Bud Shank and West Coast jazz fans are advised to order this 1998 set before it goes out of print.
Scott Yanow

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censusloss said...

yet more musical education for me...
Mel, you are brilliant and the benchmark for all jazz (and to a degree, classical!) blogs

with repeated thanks and appreciation

Peace and great music reign

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