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Benno Moiseiwitsch - Great Pianists, vol. 6

This sixth volume of the recordings of Benno Moiseiwitsch consists of short encore pieces and a  rarely heard concerto. Most of the French works presented here had previously been recorded by Moiseiwitsch in the acoustic era, and the time had come to make new recordings of these works by the sonically superior electrical process, as many of the works still featured in Moiseiwitsch’s recitals, either programmed or as encores. Moiseiwitsch had recorded the extracts from Estampes and Suite bergamasque of Debussy and Ravel’s Jeux d'eau during the First World War and by the time he came to re-record them around the time of the Second World War the gramophone could by then accurately reproduce the delicate shades and tones of his playing displayed in these impressionistic works. Whilst Jardins sous la pluie and both Toccatas show his impressive finger technique, it is interesting to note the almost non-romantic way in which he plays the famous "Clair de lune" with little obvious rubato and a steady pulse. Moiseiwitsch performed the Granados Spanish Dances in recital at the Queen’s Hall in January 1924 and recorded them in December 1925. For some reason, however, the Spanish Dance in D major was not published at the time, and this is its first release on CD. In the same Queen’s Hall recital the programme also included a first performance of Poema Tragica by the Australian composer Roy Agnew and "Menuet antique" from Debussy’s Suite bergamasque. The Etude in F sharp by Stravinsky was one of Moiseiwitsch’s favourite encores. He had previously recorded it in December 1917 but this was never published (all the more regrettable omission as it was to be coupled with Rosenthal’s Etude in Thirds, an arrangement of Chopin’s Minute Waltz). He played it throughout his career and was still playing it in 1958 as an encore to a concert in New York...
Jonathan Summers (from the booklet)

Benno Moiseiwitsch
Great Pianists, vol. 6


Claude Debussy

1 Estampes (from Jardins sous la pluie)  3:00
2 Clair de lune (from Suite Bergamasque)  4:19
3 Toccata (from Pour le piano)  3:34

Maurice Ravel

4 Jeux d'eau 4:39
5 Toccata (from Le Tombeau de Couperin)  3:44

Enrique Granados

6 Danza española in E Minor, Op. 37 n° 5 "Playera"  3:06
7 Danza española in D Major, Op 37 n° 6 "Jota"  3:03

Jacques Ibert

8 Le Petit âne blanc (from Histoires)  1:56

Francis Poulenc

9 Mouvement pepétuel n° 1 in C Major  1:34

Igor Stravinsky

10 Eude in F-Sharp Major, Op. 7 n° 4  1:40

Serge Prokofiev

11 Suggestion diabolique, Op. 4n° 4  2:45

John Vallier

12 Toccata  1:22

Leopold Godowsky

13 Concert Paraphrase on "Die Fledermaus"  8:16

Abram Chasins

14 Flirtation in a Chinese Garden, Op. 5  2:09
15 Rush Hour in Honk KOng, Op. 6  1:20

Selim Palmgren

16 Rococo, Op. 47, n° 5  2:53
17 Refrain de berceau  2:59
18 West Finnish Dance  1:33

Frederick Delius

Piano Concerto in C Minor
19 I. Allegro non troppo  9:21
20 II. Largo  6:19
21 III. Tempo primo  5:24


Benno Moiseiwitsch - p
Philharmonic Orchestra/Constant Lambert - cond.

Recorded between December 10, 1925 & October 25, 1950


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