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Clark Terry - Color Changes

This is one of flügelhornist Clark Terry's finest albums. Terry had complete control over the music and, rather than have the usual jam session, he utilized an octet and arrangements by Yusef Lateef, Budd Johnson, and Al Cohn. The lineup of musicians (C.T., trombonist Jimmy Knepper, Julius Watkins on French horn, Yusef Lateef on tenor, flute, oboe, and English horn, Seldon Powell doubling on tenor and flute, pianist Tommy Flanagan, bassist Joe Benjamin, and drummer Ed Shaughnessy) lives up to its potential, and the charts make good use of the sounds of these very individual stylists. The material, which consists of originals by Terry, Duke Jordan, Lateef, and Bob Wilber, is both rare and fresh, and the interpretations always swing. Highly recommended.
Scott Yanow

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Clark Terry
Color Changes


1 Blue Waltz (La Valse Bleue) (Conn)  6:37
2 Brother Terry (Lateef)  3:54
3 Flutin' and Fluglin' (Terry)  6:46
4 No Problem (Jordan)  5:49
5 La Rive Gauche (Terry)  5:28
6 Nahstye Blues (Terry)  6:00
7 Chat Qui Peche (A Cat That Fishes) (Terry)  7:32


Clark Terry - tp & flghrn
Jimmy Knepper - tb
Julius Watkins - fr hrn
Seldon Powell - ts & fl
Yusef Lateef - ts, fl, eng hrn & ob
Bud Johnson - p [# 6]
Tommy Flanagan - p
Joe Benjamin - dr
Ed Shaughnessy - dr

Recorded at Nola Penthouse Studios, New York City ; November 19, 1960


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Mel this has bee re-issued as Clark Terry "Supreme Jazz" 2006
Label: Membran/Supreme Jazz [223279-207] CD (RE, RM) 2006 They flipped side two as 1st (#5-7) then side one 2nd (#1-5) same all around other wise... my Original rip is from Candid Records [9009] LP Stereo 1960 and indeed one of his best overall sessions a classic LP

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